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Chewie’s Johan CMDR Decks

Hey look, it’s another CMDR Decks video!  I haven’t done one of these in forever!  Maybe even two forevers!  But Uriah (@CMDRDecks) was good enough to let me do this one to plug the Kickstarter as well as show off one of my favorite EDH decks!  It was originally conceived WAY back in Episode 219 during a Story Circle with guest host Bennie Smith (@blairwitchgreen), and I LOVED it!  I loved it SO MUCH that I tracked down a copy of Johan and set to work putting the deck together.

As usually happens when building a deck, new ideas came to mind and new cards popped into my head, so the version you see here isn’t straight from the Story Circle. Given my inability to procure new cards for the last little while, there are cards from the last couple blocks that would fit beautifully, but I haven’t managed to snag any of them just yet.  Feel free to throw any suggestions you want at me!


Johan Deck List

8 Forest
8 Mountain
7 Plains
Jungle Shrine
Command Tower
Rupture Spire
Mossfire Valley
Graypelt Refuge
Selesnya Sanctuary
Gruul Turf
Boros Garrison
Temple of the False God
Krosan Verge
Naya Panorama
Kessig Wolf Run
Gavony Township
Hydra Omnivore
Militia’s Pride
Kessig Cagebreakers
Victory’s Herald
Argentum Armor
Sublime Archangel
Moonsilver Spear
Patron of the Akki
Instigator Gang / Wildblood Pack
Veteran’s Armaments
Marton Stromgald
Galepowder Mage
Lord of Shatterskull Pass
Mage Slayer
Patron of the Kitsune
Inferno Titan
Dolmen Gate
Wild Beastmaster
Ronin Cliffrider
Hero of Bladehold
Nacatl War-Pride
Myr Battlesphere
Chieftain en-Dal
Insanely cute dog helper
Glare of Subdual
Oathsworn Giant
Kyren Negotiations
Aggravated Assault
Burn at the Stake
Seedborn Muse
Ajani, Caller of the Pride
Ajani Goldmane
Selesnya Guildmage
Blazing Archon
Vengeful Rebirth
Eternal Witness
Behemoth Sledge
Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite
Akroma’s Memorial
Lightning Greaves
Path to Exile
Comet Storm
Prison Term
Hull Breach
Spine of Ish Sah
Nullmage Shepherd
Aura Shards
Oblivion Ring
Explosive Vegetation
Yavimaya Elder
Krosan Tusker
Obelisk of Naya
Gruul Signet
Darksteel Ingot
Selesnya Signet
Coalition Relic
Boros Signet
Sol Ring

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