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Secret Boss Fight! – Shadows Over Innistrad Finale

Only one final boss fight showed! But after Jace & Tamiyo finished that game, the secret boss reared its ugly head! Luckily Sorin was there with a run-in to deliver the final chair shot to the head to his renegade angel! Wow, that got kind of wrestly didn’t it?

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Outro Music: Diamond by Swift – http://www.myspace.com/swiftband – Used with permission

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Jace Hates Zombies – Shadows Over Innistrad pt 2 | Magic Duels

Hey look, it is a zombie fight! It didn’t go so well at first. But then we get to fight some normal (?) humans! And everyone knows Jace can take out normal (?) humans, right? Right?

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Werewolves & Vampires & Bears (Oh My) – SOI pt 1

I’m playing Duels again! I’m finally delving into the Shadows that are currently hanging Over Innistrad. You know, now that the Eldritch Moon update dropped I should probably get it done. We’re following Jace as he faces off against werewolves and then vampires. Let’s hope next time it’s zombies!

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Episode 419 – Recapturing the Magic

We weren’t terribly excited about Battle for Zendikar. We were SUPER excited about Shadows Over Innistrad. What’s the difference between these two sets? We’re diving into the differences between both cases of nostalgia to figure out what’s going on here. And since Brian’s not here, we spend a lot of time rambling and tangenting in his honor. And because that’s sort of what we do.

Be sure to stick around until the very end for a super awesome amazing announcement! And be sure to come back here on May 25th!

Mark Rosewater’s mistakes article: http://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/making-magic/because-salt-makes-mistakes-taste-great-2016-05-09

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Episode 412 – Eric of Many Shadows

Even more Shadows Over Innistrad previews! To help celebrate this awesome set, we’ve brought back one of our favorite guests from back in the day! He has gone by a multitude of handles over the years – Mr. Suitcase, Eric from St. Louis, and plenty more, but he’ll always be Eric of Many Names to us! His family has abandoned him again for a brief vacation, so he’s taking advantage of that by podcasting with us and scanning cards into a QS database.

As far as the set is concerned, it’s still awesome! There are plenty of new cards to talk about this week, so many that we’re not even bothering to try to hit them all. So it’s a much more free-form discussion, bouncing around the card image gallery to hit whatever tickles our fancy. So sit back, relax, and let us know what you think of anything we mentioned this episode!

Follow Eric on Twitter @EricMTGCast

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