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Episode 287 – M14 Prerelease Field Recordings

Magic 2014

Hey look, here’s the episode you probably should have gotten last time.  But you didn’t, you got it this time.  So there.

Chewie, Mike, and Brian set out for Atomic Empire in Durham, North Carolina for the Magic 2014 Core Set Release.  While there, we met up with our old buddy AJ, everyone’s favorite bowtie wearing L2 Cluze, and several other assorted listeners, opponents, judges, and what-have-you.  As always with these episodes, you’ll be hearing what happens as it happens rather than having to listen to us fumble around for what happened days later.  And I especially hope you’ll enjoy the talk with the guy who opened a truly ridiculous sliver deck.

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Episode 285 – Mike Rosewater’s Vial of Leech

Magic 2014

Hey look, it’s the full Magic 2014 set!  That’s what we’ve got this episode.  It’s all M14 all the time!  And because it’s tradition, we brought our old buddy Bill Bloodworth to talk spoilers.  Or the full set.  Or whatever.  He’s @SqueeGoblnNabob on Twitter, and you should totally follow him.  But yeah, there’s nothing else to say here.  We did the Card Image Gallery the whole episode.  I should probably give you the link, I guess.  Here, hope you guys enjoy:

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Episode 284 – A Pineapple Based System

Magic 2014

On this episode, we finally overcome one of our greatest weaknesses as podcasters – the inability to have Myke Okuhara on the show!  The scourge of TheManaPool.com’s comments joins us from Honolulu, where the dolphins are ferrying his internet back and forth to us with great speed.  And to celebrate (not really, but it sounded good) we’ve got a brand new Magic Mad Lib courtesy of Brian!  This one is entitled…Science.

Then, of course, there’s all the Magic 2014 previews.  And there were a lot.  Like damn.  If you’d like to follow along, I just happen to have this fancy link.  Of course now the entire set is revealed, but still. Click the link. Click it!

By the way, Myke Okuhara is pretty awesome.  I’m just sayin’.
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Everything Old is New Again – Slivers in M14

New Slivers

Considering the fact you’re reading about Magic: The Gathering on the internet, you’re probably already aware of a very interesting bit of news about the upcoming M14 Core Set.  The storied tribe of Slivers is back in the game with brand new cards, an updated design philosophy, and revamped art and style guidelines.  As with any New Thing referencing an Old Thing the news has inspired tons of conversation since first being announced, and it’s easy to find vivid and vocal opinions across the entire spectrum, from “Hooray, Slivers forever!” to “BOOO!  LAME!”

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