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Episode 279 – The Running Games

The Maze Runners

Bryan Prillaman steps in for our own Brian yet again this episode!  Yay having a Bryan! On this episode, we discuss the announcement of Slivers in Magic 2014, Sealed Deck play in Duels 2014, a teeny bit of the Dragon’s Maze Rules Update, and of course, the Dragon’s Maze Event Deck.  Man that’s a lot of capitalization.  Also, nipples on men.  Yes, you read that correctly.  When you went back to read it again, it was still the same.  I apologize for that, I really do.

After a short but spirited discussion, we have to take our leave of you.  But don’t worry, we filled up more time!  We’ve included the recording of the radio commentary for The Running Games that first aired on The Ocho Radio.  Even if you already know which guild managed to navigate the Implicit Maze and win the whole shebang, you should still listen in for our crack observations and general hilarity. Continue reading »

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Episode 278 – Field Reports from the Dragon’s Maze

Guilds of Ravnica

It’s prerelease time as Chewie, Mike, and Brian head over to Top Deck Games in Kernersville NC to take on the ten guilds of Ravnica!  Brian’s law-school buddy John was there too (as he tends to be when there’s a prerelease), as was our old pal Robert Waycaster.  We’ve got the handy-dandy ditital recorder and we’re recording what happens just after it happens so you can get the full story without the passage of time to blur anything.  Follow the dorks (the ones that survive, anyway) as they run through each round.  Sometimes you’ll hear from opponents, bystanders, store owners, crazy people, and assorted dorks too, which only makes things that much more fun!  There’s really not much else to tell here, so we hope you enjoy!


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Episode 277 – So…Dragon’s Maze?

Dragon's Maze

Bill Bloodworth (@SqueeGoblnNabob) joins us again this week, this time in lieu of our usual green man, Dirk.  The new baby caught up with him and he wasn’t able to join us.  The first part of the show is a look at the entire set of…oh wait, no.  It’s the Banned & Restricted list update, followed by a look at the the full Dragon’s… Nope, not yet, then it’s the Commander Banned list update.  Sigh.  After that, we move right into the Maze…oh.  The maze of grief that the passing of Quinton Hoover left us in.  That’s really a shame, because his art really helped shape the early look of the game.

But then, after all that and probably some other stuff, we move right into the Dragon’s Maze.  The full set is now available, so we’re gonna run through the high points.  It turns out the high points are damn near every card we didn’t mention yet…sorry about that.  This episode runs a little longer than we meant it to.
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Episode 276 – No Maze Puns Here!

Dragon's Maze

We’ve got a full cast plus one this week, as Bill Bloodworth (@SqueeGoblnNabob) joins us to talk spoilers.  You know, because we always bring Bill on to talk spoilers.  I bet we bring him back next week too.  But…it’s just Dragon’s Maze pretty much the whole time.  So there’s really nothing else to say here.  We didn’t even do final thoughts because we went so long!  And that’s pretty much it.  I mean, there were a lot of spoilers.  Like a whole lot.  But yeah, we’re done here.  Stop reading.  No really, go away.

Seriously, bugger off.  Your girlfriend’s calling you.  Hahaha, just kidding, of course you don’t have a girlfriend.  Your mom’s calling you.  And your mom’s on Facebook.  HA!

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Episode 275 – A Small Handful of Dragon’s Maze

Dragon's Maze

Hey look, Dirk’s back! He successfully populated, so now he has two little token dudes at home!

We start this episode off with what Brian assures us is quite possibly the most offensive Magic Mad Lib ever.  Sounds awesome!  We go from there to a brief discussion of a recent Standard tournament where a Turbo Fog deck got played!  Also, I point out how Sexy Jake Humphries made the top 8 of a Star City Open.  Aw yeah.

From there on, it’s the handful of Dragon’s Maze previews that had been revealed at this point.  So I guess you could say we go pretty in-depth on them.  I guess.

Also, there’s a small life lesson at the end that everyone should take to heart. Just sayin’.
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