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Didn’t expect to see me writing an article, did you? Can’t say I blame you, as that’s not really something I’m known to do. In general, my role in the Magic community is to sit back and fire commentary as others take stances on cards and strategies. This doesn’t mean I don’t have opinions, of course; it just means that I’m usually content to sit by and let others with more experience take on the role of teachers, analysts, and tacticians. It would take something really unusual, interesting, and game changing to fire me up enough to actually commit my thoughts to digital ink.

kytheon gideon

Well, Kytheon managed to pull this off. This Magic Origins mythic rare has the potential to be a format-spanning staple, which is fine and dandy, but that’s not why I’m inspired to write about it. No, great cards are printed all the time and nearly every Planeswalker will be analyzed by people far more experienced with the various formats than I am, so what makes Kytheon so special?

Kytheon is an interesting mix of aggressive creature and board-controlling Planeswalker. The very specific combination of stats, cost, and abilities gives me an opportunity to discuss a critical component of card evaluation that I feel most players must learn if they want to improve. If you find yourself struggling at your local prerelease or having trouble determining which cards are likely to find a home in Standard, then this discussion will hopefully give you a new tool for your toolbox.

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