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Episode 240 Deckbuilder’s Toolkit Card Pool

Here’s the card pool that came from the Deckbuilder’s Toolkit in Episode 240.  I’m not gonna link or add card image popups to any of these, because that would take forever.  What would you do with this pool anyway?

2x Attended Knight
Cathedral Sanctifier
Chapel Geist
2x Crusader of Odric
Elgaud Inquisitor
Fiend Hunter
Goldnight Redeemer
Griffin Protector
Guardians of Akrasa
Niblis of the Mist
Seraph of Dawn
Silverchase Fox
Village Bell-Ringer
Voice of the Provinces

2x Bonds of Faith
Captain’s Call
2x Commander’s Authority
2x Gather the Townsfolk
2x Glorious Charge
Intangible Virtue
Lingering Souls
Oblivion Ring
2x Pacifism
Ray of Revelation
Safe Passage
Urgent Exorcism


2x Archaeomancer
Deranged Assistant
Fog Bank
2x Gryff Vanguard
Jace’s Phantasm
Kraken Hatchling
Lantern Spirit
Mist Raven
Nephalia Seakite
Niblis of the Breath
Scroll Thief
Stern Mentor
Stormbound Geist
Tower Geist
Undead Alchemist
Vedalken Entrancer
2xWelkin Tern

Artful Dodge
Chill of Foreboding
3x Curse of the Bloody Tome
Dream Twist
2x Encrust
Essence Scatter
Ghostly Touch
2x Mind Sculpt
Peel from Reality
Talrand’s Invocation
Thought Scour


Abattoir Ghoul
Bloodhunter Bat
Driver of the Dead
Duty-Bound Dead
Falkenrath Torturer
Liliana’s Shade
Markov Patrician
Ravenous Rats
Seachlight Geist
Skirsdag Flayer
Vampire Interloper
Vampire Nighthawk
Tormented Soul

Bump in the Night
Dead Weight
Essence Drain
Ghoulcaller’s Chant
Maw of the Mire
Moan of the Unhallowed
2x Murder
Sign in Blood
Victim of Night
Vile Rebirth


Bladetusk Boar
Falkenrath Exterminator
Fire Elemental
Forge Devil
Gang of Devils
Heirs of Stromkirk
Hinterland Hermit // Hinterland Scourge
Mogg Flunkies
Pitchburn Devils
Rummaging Goblin
Russet Wolves
Scourge of Geier Reach
Torch Fiend
Village Ironsmith // Ironfang

Brimstone Volley
Burning Vengeance
Dangerous Wager
Krenko’s Command
3x Pillar of Flame
Searing Spear
Traitorous Blood
Volcanic Geyser


Acidic Slime
Ambush Viper
2x Arbor Elf
2x Avacyn’s Pilgrim
2x Bond Beetle
3x Borderland Ranger
Briarpack Alpha
Centaur Courser
Elderscale Wurm
2x Elvish Visionary
Geist Trappers
Hamlet Captain
Hollowhenge Beast
Hollowhenge Scavenger
2x Mwonvuli Beast Tracker
2x Pathbreaker Wurm
2x Roaring Primadox
2x Timberland Guide
Ulvenwald Tracker
Wildwood Geist
Woodland Sleuth
Yeva’s Forcemage
Young Wolf

Joint Assault
Natural End
Prey Upon
Ranger’s Path
Titanic Growth
Travel Preparations


Cellar Door
Cobbled Wings
Ghoulcaller’s Bell
2x Heavy Mattock
Ring of Valkas
Scroll of Avacyn


5x Evolving Wilds

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One Comment

  1. Jonnie
    July 30, 2012 at 9:50 pm | Permalink

    I think I would build RWb tokens, something like this:

    White (17):
    2x Attended Knight
    2x Crusader of Odric
    1x Elgaud Inquisitor
    1x Fiend Hunter
    1x Goldnight Redeemer
    1x Griffin Protector
    1x Seraph of Dawn
    1x Captain’s Call
    1x Cloudshift
    2x Gather the Townsfolk
    1x Intangible Virtue
    1x Oblivion Ring
    1x Lingering Souls
    1x Village Bell-Ringer

    Black (5):
    1x Bump in the Night
    2x Moan of the Unhallowed
    1x Skirsdag Flayer
    1x Falkenrath Torturer

    Red (13):
    1x Falkenrath Exterminator
    1x Forge Devil
    1x Heirs of Stromkirk
    1x Rummaging Goblin
    1x Torch Fiend
    1x Brimstone Volley
    1x Dangerous Wager
    1x Krenko’s Command
    3x Pillar of Flame
    1x Searing Spear
    1x Traitorous Blood

    Artifacts (1):
    1x Ring of Valkas

    Land (24):
    3x Evolving Wilds
    2x Swamp
    10x Plains
    9x Mountain

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