The Deck Box

This is where we show off decks of all kinds. So named because of the podcast segment Out of the Deck Box.

Story Circles for Episode 422

This week on The Mana Pool (Episode 422) we did some Story Circles! I wanted to use some Standard-legal legends for our Commanders, but most of them are just terrible for this purpose. The flippy planeswalkers are really boring as Commanders, and most of the rest are just as bad. We already did Omnath, so he’s out. Luckily, there were exactly two that I felt we could use to build something really cool. So here are those two lists!


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Story Circles for Episode 399

This week’s Story Circles are interesting things. We began with the intention of creating two decks with complementary themes…sort of. We ended up making two decks that highlight how the different colors work with similar themes – in this case, that of token creation. The Omnath deck has plenty of Landfall and Elemental synergy alongside a handful of ways to sacrifice our Elementals to go with the commander’s bolting ability. This episode just went up and I’ve already heard multiple people claim that they’re going to build a version of this deck!

Endrek Sahr, on the other hand, creates a constant stream of smaller Thrull tokens. To manage his thrull amount limitation, we have plenty of sacrifice outlets along with plenty of ways to create new ones when we’ve depleted them. This deck, while possibly less overtly powerful than Omnath, has plenty of small synergies that are intriguing.

Also, discerning listeners will notice that the lifegain in both decks came from the same person. The Story Circles not only create decks, it gives a fascinating insight into how each person builds decks. Pretty cool huh?

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Land On Your Feet Deck Lists

The dorks took a simple prompt and built decks around it! This time, the prompt was “lands”.  As always seems to happen when we do this, these ended up being vastly different from each other. Here are the decks we came up with in the order they were presented on the episode.

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Chewie’s Marath, Will of the Wild Commander Deck

Before our most recent gathering to actually play some Magic together, I felt the urge to do something I hadn’t done in well over TWO YEARS! What was that urge telling me to do? Build a new EDH deck!

I converted one of my favorite and most long-lived 60-card casual decks, the Beast Deck, into a brand new Commander deck! This is a deck I’ve had since I started playing again in college when Onslaught came out. Beasts were a supported tribe in that block, and they caught my eye then and have been much-beloved ever since.

A good chunk of this deck comes straight from the Naya-colored Commander 2013 deck. I had lots of space left when I got done adding in all the cards I wanted from the various versions of the Beast Deck and I didn’t have massive amounts of time to go digging for more cards to add. So if some of it looks familiar, that’s probably because it is. Likewise the mana base is not highly tuned or anything, I just did some rudimentary math and threw in a bunch of cool stuff.

This deck was featured in an Out of the Deck Box segment in Episode 385 – What Exactly Does Squad Mean?

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Story Circle for Episode 383 (Kickstarter Reward)

On episode 383 of the show we knocked out a long-awaited Kickstarter Backer Reward! This one was for a Story Circle that we would then assemble and send to the backer. John chose this reward, and we’re finally letting him know what he can expect!

He requested a Captain Sisay deck from us, so we are happy to oblige. We wanted to make sure that this deck had a cohesive feel to it and wasn’t just a green-white legendary good stuff deck. I think we did pretty well, and John seemed pleased with the deck we came up with. Let us know what you think!

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