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Gravecrawler – A Closer Look

Greetings, Mana Pool listeners and fellow Magic enthusiasts!  I’m Brian, lead rambler of the Mana Pool, and I’m here to have a quick discussion about one of the new cards from the upcoming Dark Ascension expansion set.  Preview weeks tend to be one of the busiest times around here and in the Magic world in general, so check here at the Mana Pool website for additional content to get your fill.  Today’s article is hopefully going to whet your appetite for the possibilities that Dark Ascension brings to the (card) table, but the fun doesn’t end here.

Dark Ascension (here on out “DA”, just to make my life easier) is the follow-up to the Innistrad set, a personal favorite of mine from all angles – limited, constructed, casual, and especially flavor.  You’re going to see more werewolves, vampires, zombies, spirits, and hapless victims humans.  Continue reading »

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Extra-Life 2011

It is time! Thanks everyone for donating!

You can jump over to the UStream channel or watch and participate below!

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Extra Life Update and Giveaways

Hello, Mana Pool fans!  As you’ve no doubt heard on many episodes, Extra Life is fast approaching.  In fact, it’s this Saturday!  I’ll be joining Dustin and his wife and friends for the long haul, and we’ll be gaming from 8am Eastern on Saturday to 8am Eastern on Sunday.  It’s gonna be great!  We’re even gonna have it on Ustream!  But you don’t get that address until the end of this post.

In an effort to help us push to the goal here in the home stretch, Dustin and The Mana Pool are offering up some stuff to show appreciation for your donations.  You can find out lots more about Extra Life and make donations right here:

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The Final Sorcery

Hello one and all!  This is the final question in our series, and it comes with a bit of a surprise.  We need the answers to all these questions by this Friday!  This one is for sorceries!  It’s the same deal as before – in the comments on this post, give us a sorcery, any sorcery at all, and tell us why you’re picking it.  The only rules are the same as the rest: no repeats and no Un-cards.  Other than that, use whatever criteria you want.  You could pick out your favorite, the worst one ever, one that your friend plays that makes you want to stab in the face with a pointed stick…whatever.

Since we need all these answers by the end of Friday, I’m going to link to all the others here so you can go back and answer them if you haven’t yet.  Please do, we need lots and lots of feedback!

Deck List Poll






Sorceries (you’re in that one, hey dummy)

Remember, we need all of these by the end of the night on Friday, Sept 23. Whatever Brian has planned, apparently he’s going to do stuff with it on Saturday.  He’s going out of town all week after that, so this is it.

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I Put a Spell on You

I am still amazed by the amount of responses we are STILL getting on all these questions we’ve asked.  If you haven’t answered those yet, please do – after you answer this one, of course!  What’s this one?   Enchantments!  I need all of you to give us an enchantment of some sort in the comments, along with a reason why.  There are only two rules:

1. No repeats. If someone else has already used the one you had your heart set on…tough.  You should have been faster.  Come up with something else.

B. Nothing from a non-tournament-legal set.  That translates in layman’s terms as follows: No cards from Unglued or Unhinged.  If you were dead set on giving us Burning Cinder Fury of Crimson Chaos Fire…just don’t.

So that’s it.  Any other criteria are purely up to you.  Aura, World Enchantment, good old run-of-the-mill enchantment, good, bad, or ugly.  Whatever reason you want to use is fine with us, just tell us what it is in your comment!

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