This is probably the reason you’re here, but I’ll explain just in case. Started in November of 2007, The Mana Pool is a podcast for all the things that casual Magic players might enjoy. We talk about new cards, old cards, decks we’ve played, Commander/EDH, drafting, tournaments we attend, flavor, tribal, basically anything we can think of. We answer rules questions for listeners. We have segments like Out of the Deck Box (showing off our decks), Story Circle (building a deck on the fly live on the air), Magic Mad Libs (just what it sounds like), Mortal Instinct Fighter Calibur Vs (a flavorful random creature tournament fight), and several others that show up from time to time. Whenever we all get together, we record a live episode of us playing games, which listeners seem to enjoy because it gives more insight into who we are rather than because of the games themselves. Hope you enjoy!

Episode 594 – Tinybones & the Muxus Cascade

The dorks dive into Jumpstart! First we’ll explain what it is, and the concept is actually pretty neat. Then we’ll jump into the Card Image Gallery and go through all the new cards in it. The new cards are mostly really cool. Oh, and there are Legendary creatures that have actually interesting abilities! Remember those? Wow!

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Episode 593 – Shrines & Stuff

New Shrines! Sure there are lots of other neat cards too, but new Shrines! There are new card versions of old characters, which is pretty awesome. We get to see more of Teferi’s family. There are lots of doggos and kitty-kitties! Bronto-Dave is back! There are neat twists on old standard effects (Traitorous Greed is really cool)! There are some SWEET new goblins if that’s your thing! There are some nifty brain-bending pieces of art alongside nifty brain-bending card text!

But really, none of that matters. Because NEW SHRINES!

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Episode 592 – The Good Boys & the Ugly Underbelly

Hey we’re back! We took a couple weeks off, first to do a non-podcast chatting stream and then out of respect for the Black Lives Matter movement. By the way, Black Lives Matter. Also, Trans Rights are Human Rights. Got that?

The dorks are first concerned for Dirk, who just hadn’t responded to any of our attempts to contact him when he didn’t show up for the recording. Then we cover the recent racism concerns that have come to light about Wizards of the Coast, including their decision to remove card images from Gatherer and straight-up ban a handful of potentially problematic cards.

So then we get to move over to the Core Set 2021 previews! Because yes, it’s preview time again! There’s a lot of neat stuff in here, so let’s spend the rest of the episode having fun checking out all the new cards and reprints! AND SO MANY DOGGOS!

Oh, and Dirk did finally reappear, so you can stop worrying about him.

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Episode 591 – The Three Tarkirs

The dorks are back with another edition of There’s No Plane Like Home! This time we’re taking a look at everyone’s favorite (?) time-travel affected plane, Tarkir. Tarkir is based on various real-world Asian countries, so the physical aspects of the plane don’t really change through the versions.

Of course, when you’re hopping through timelines, it’s not really the physical world you’re worried about. In the past you’re at war with the dragons and are in danger of getting eaten. In the Dragons timeline you’re subservient to your dragon overlords. And in the Khans timeline…well that’s actually not so bad. The one thing that is consistent throughout all timelines is that the Sultai… are just awful. The worst.

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Episode 590 – Not the Bees! (Heirs of Trivester)

We now return to Trivester for another installment of Brian’s custom MTG RPG! After the last installment’s massive exposition dump Karim, Alaric, and the Angel are off to track down someone else that might have some idea what’s going on. Along the way we’ll be accosted by various critters that could potentially want to kill us. And of course, our beloved soldier boy really has a hang-up about fighting animals. Even when they’re killer bees with little swords and shields!

After we’re done with the RPG bit the final thoughts turn back to current events. You have been warned.

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