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Let the Wookiee Win – Blackrock Depths Class Challenges

Each wing of Blackrock Mountain comes with class challenges that give you more cards! Each class challenge gives you a pre-constructed deck of the appropriate class to defeat whatever nonsense Blizzard decides to throw at you. These are usually a lot of fun!

I started this video with the Hunter challenge! I started the challenge by…playing with the game board. But eventually I got into it and finished it off. And it was so quick and so much fun that I decided to do the Mage challenge too! And that, my friends, is crazy. If you haven’t seen it yourself, just keep watching. It’s a ridiculous amount of fun and I’ve played it several more times after recording this video. So great!


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Outro Music: Diamond by Swift – http://www.myspace.com/swiftband
Used with permission

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