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Squee Draft #6 – Spooky Murder

Murder of CrowsA what of crows?

The truth is out there. Prerelease prices suck and Squee is long overdue for a draft, so everyone’s favorite goblin cook dives one last time into the belly of Dark Ascension before the Helvault cracks open and reasonable draft prices fall out. Squee finally gets a chance to travel down the Drogskol Captain path after three months of settling for zombie and vampire captains, but will his captain stand well against a Drogskol Reaver in the early rounds?  Squee takes advantage of the quirkiness of the 4-3-2-2 crowd to construct a morbid engine out of Stitcher’s Apprentice accompanied by Murder of Crows, Selhoff Occultist, and Undead Alchemist. This episode also features the debut of special effects! See if you can spot Madden-style visual queues whenever Squee does something monumentally goblin-like and marvel at his ability to flail under pressure as Squee bids adieu to flip cards, Fateful Hour, and his good friend Undead Alchemist. Will Avacyn Restored draft be an amazing experience of style and substance? I want to believe!


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