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Squee Draft #5 – Squee Finds a Shovel and Keeps On Digging

Everyone’s favorite goblin (except for those Slobad fans, weirdos) is back with another DKA-ISD-ISD 8-4 draft from MTGO.  Squee loved his mill deck from the last Squee Draft video SO MUCH (but not as much as his toy of course!) that he decided to give it another shot, especially since he was able to find the BEST pieces for it!  Anyway, I’ll leave him to it so he can tell you all about it.  Don’t forget, you can follow Squee on Twitter @SqueeGoblnNabob and I highly recommend it, he’s definitely entertaining! – Chewie

Squee lucks out and manages to draft two of his favorite cards in the block for a return to the fabled zombie mill archetype. Not to go unchallenged, Squee once again faces off against a rival mill machine in the very first round. Squee employs mythic monsters, dabbles in undead alchemy, and toys with the Brink in an attempt to assemble a terrifying force of zombie horror. One way or another, Squee is here it pick at your brain and embrace the strange interactions available within the world of Innistrad.


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