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Squee Draft #3 – Honest Squee’s Eyeball Emporium

Jar of EyeballsI see what they did there…

Here’s another DKA-ISD-ISD 8-4 draft from good old Squee.  Be sure you’re watching in HD because his quality is really good.   You can read the cards and everything!  And if you just can’t get enough of Squee (and who can, really?) you should be following him on Twitter @SqueeGoblnNabob. He’s always willing to share his Squee wisdom with anyone willing to listen! – Chewie

Squee pops open a Jar of Eyeballs and builds around a token-based sacrifice deck… at least until a mysterious encounter in early pack two brings everything into question! Will Squee stick to the plan and explore the eyeball deck or will greed take over and drive Squee into a four color deck? Whatever the outcome, Squee races against the clock as his rounds run long and he encounters his greatest enemy of all: color screw! Will Squee be rewarded for such strange deck ambitions or will he be adjusting a bowtie in his continued attempts to die with style?


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  1. dragon7284
    March 22, 2012 at 6:17 pm | Permalink

    I think you probably should have just gave up on blue and went W/B splash R as soon as you saw the Olivia. By that time you were pretty much not committed to blue at all, and the Dong will win you A LOT more games than Dungeon Geists will. There was some decent Black floating around in the next couple picks and in the next pack as well. You didn’t even entertain the idea of giving up on Blue, which was only 3 cards (with 2 of them being almost unplayable)… Was this because you felt like you had to stick with the color of the card that you P1P1?

  2. Squee
    March 22, 2012 at 7:33 pm | Permalink

    I did briefly consider dropping blue around pack 2 pick 3ish, but the packs around that spot didn’t have great black or red. The only good red cards I saw for all of pack 2 were the Geistflame (which isn’t as good as Slayer of the Wicked in a deck as white as mine) and Dongmaster Voldaren. The Battleground Geist and the Stitched Apprentice had a lot more synergy with my white cards than Olivia did and I’d have been loading my deck with a lot of mediocre to bad cards for a single bomb that can be destroyed by most of the removal in the set.

    That said, if pack 2 had better red and black cards, I’d have forced it purely because of Olivia’s upside. Pack 3 was nicer red/black-wise and I think i would have had a better deck if I’d sacrificed pack 2 for a shot at pack 3, but by the end of pack 2 I sincerely liked my white/blue deck and didn’t want to give up on it.

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