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Let the Wookiee Win – Nefarian (and Onyxia)

Hey look, it’s Nefarian! I would never have thought that since the first time we beat him fair and *ahem* square. Okay, so maybe we cheated a little, but it was all Rag’s fault! We were innocent bystanders, right guys? Guys?

But of course Nefarian is back for the final encounter. It would be weird otherwise, right? But since we cheated last time, I guess it’s only fair that he cheat now. He unleashes his greatest creation on us partway through the fight, and it’s…his sister? Um…yeah. Quick, move on to the next paragraph!

Like any good final boss, this one beats the crap out of me. More than once. After my first crushing defeat I did what I usually do and played Druid. Then I was crushed AGAIN, throwing my world into turmoil. WHAT IS LIFE?! But don’t worry, we have the Squeaky Toy of Doom on our side!



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