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Let the Wookiee Win – Hidden Laboratory Class Challenge

After the last episode, this one is a little bit anticlimactic. Sorry about that. But we still have to knock out the Omnotron Defense System again to unlock the absolute final card in Blackrock Mountain! And it’s definitely one I’ve been looking forward to using, so yay!

It’s weird, I don’t remember the Omnotron being this much trouble the first time around. I did spend my first turn talking to it, which caused it to download some OS updates. That might be why it was a larger pain. Shut up, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!

After all is said and done with the fight and the new card we’ll take a look to the future of the series! Don’t worry, I’m gonna go back and finish the Heroic Naxxramas videos then come back to Blackrock Mountain to go Heroic there!


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