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Douchebag Mode Engaged – Brawling Without Buddies

TAVERN BRAWL! Sup brah! I can’t understand why no one wanted to rumble with me this week, since I’m such an amazing guy. Whatever brah, they’re probably all just afraid of my manliness.

So like, they brought back the first Tavern Brawl again. But they made it so Nefarian doesn’t just win every single time like I do. So now it’s more fair, but who wants fair? I just want to win every time and quit when I get Ragnaros!

I’ll be playing a few Brawl games for a video with someone on my friends list every week! Send me a friend request, my battle tag is TMPChewie#1888. This week everyone was afraid to face me, buncha scrubs!

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Outro Music: Diamond by Swift – http://www.myspace.com/swiftband – Used with permission

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