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Dorks Unite Against Mechazod! – Brawling with Buddies

TAVERN BRAWL! It’s co-op baby! And my fellow dork Brian and I are teaming up!

This one is awesome! It’s a completely unique Tavern Brawl, where two players tag team a giant evil robot that keeps bouncing back and forth between each side of the board. He’s got unlimited damage and removal and he most likely cheats, but it is possible to take him down.

I’ll be playing a few Brawl games for a video with someone on my friends list every week! Send me a friend request, my battle tag is TMPChewie#1888. This week Brian, my cohost on The Mana Pool, asked to help me out for this Brawl. You can send him a request, his battle tag is Dragnil#1669. Or you can hear him every week on The Mana Pool!

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Outro Music: Diamond by Swift – http://www.myspace.com/swiftband – Used with permission


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