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Story Circles for Episode 358

Cats Vs Fish

For Episode 358 we brought on Greg, a longtime listener and Kickstarter backer! He wanted to discuss the various conflicts in fantasy in general and in Magic specifically that could be turned into a Duel Decks set. After kicking around a LOT of ideas both seriously good and incredibly goofy, we decided to two a pair of Story Circles to illustrate what one of these conflicts might look like as a Commander Duel Decks set.

This one was entirely too much fun. We talked a lot on the episode about how cats are apparently jerks since they work really well in a lot of conflicts. We took one of the sillier ones and built some decks! I give you Cats vs. Fish!

Commander: Marath, Will of the Wild

Felidar Sovereign – Brian
Phantom Nishoba – Greg
Arctic Nishoba – Mike
Fleetfoot Panther – Chewie
Ajani’s Pridemate – Dirk

Temur Sabertooth
Qasali Pridemage
Crater’s Claws
Firecat Blitz
Skyhunter Cub

Healer of the Pride
Tiger Claws
Waiting in the Weeds
Sabertooth Nishoba

Brutalizer Exarch
Mirri’s Guile
Marisi’s Twinclaws
Seht’s Tiger
Ajani Goldmane


Commander: Prime Speaker Zeganna

Quicksilver Fountain – Brian
Dandân – Greg
Spiny Starfish – Mike
Floodgate – Chewie
Cryptic Command – Dirk

Giant Oyster
Fishliver Oil
Slipstream Eel
Giant Shark
Elusive Krasis

Deep-Sea Kraken
Pearl Lake Ancient
Island Fish Jasconius
Breaching Leviathan

Sunken City
Frostwind Invoker
Disrupting Shoal
Murkfiend Liege

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