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Story Circle for Episode 336

Ulasht, the Hate Seed

Some not-insignificant time ago, we got a listener request for a Story Circle with a certain Hellion Hydra that hangs out with the Gruul Clan.  Or eats them.  Or something.  And we always mean to do things like that for the listeners, but we either forget or don’t have time to do it, what with the never-ending preview season and great show ideas and whatnot.  But we do try to get around to some of the listener ideas when we get a chance no matter how long it takes, so we did it on Episode 336.  So bearing that in mind – Craig Scott, this one’s for you!

For those that don’t know how this works, we start with a Legendary creature for the Commander, then we take turns adding cards to the deck.  It’s sort of like the camping thing where you start a story and go around the circle continuing it, thus the name.  Plus, you know, Story Circle.


Ulasht, the Hate Seed – Craig Scott

Scatter the Seeds – Brian
Warstorm Surge – Mike
Primordial Hydra – Dirk
Nacatl War-Pride – Chewie

Apocalypse Hydra – B
Rally the Horde – M
Volt Charge / Contagion Clasp – D
Craterhoof Behemoth – C

Dual Nature – B
Plaguemaw Beast – M
Fists of Ironwood – D
Kalonian Hydra – C

Splinter Twin – B
Garruk, Primal Hunter – M
Arc Blade – D
Volcanic Wind – C

Oran-Rief the Vastwood – B
Mogg Infestation – M
Artifact Mutation – D
Mana Echoes – C

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  1. Deportivo
    August 26, 2014 at 11:27 am | Permalink

    Needs a Necropolis Regent 🙂

    • August 26, 2014 at 11:31 am | Permalink

      If you can find one in green-red then I’ll agree with you 😉

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