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Episode 551 – War of the Spark Prerelease Field Recordings

The War of the Spark is upon us! That means it’s time for another Prerelease! Three of the dorks are at House of Cards in Winston-Salem, NC to go to battle! But this episode isn’t just Chewie, Mike, and Brian talking about their pools! We have a variety of guests on this episode! Mike’s cousin Joseph showed up for the Prerelease too! Mike & Brian both played against the lovely Chase (@ManaCurves on Twitter), so she joined us for two round recaps!

But our super special guest was none other than one Samantha Baker, who was playing in her VERY FIRST prerelease! Tara, the manager of House of Cards, took her under her wing to help her build her deck and play her games! And she even finished with a better record than one of the dorks! Holy crap!

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Episode 550 – The Atrocity Buffet

We’ve made it to 550! To celebrate, we apparently killed two of our hosts. Hopefully our reanimation spells will resolve before the end of the episode.

It’s the end of the story of War of the Spark! We’re covering all the story-focused cards we can find, so hey, spoiler warning! We’re going all the way to the conclusion and talking all about it! Get ready to feel some feels, because once that’s all done we’re even going to mention the new Signature Spellbook that was revealed by Polygon!

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Episode 549 – It’s Almost Noon, What Are You Doing With Your Life?

The dorks are back with even more War of the Spark previews! We’re starting off with all the cards in the Story Scenes, because the story is the whole point of this episode! Then we’re jumping around to the planeswalkers we missed, the Gods (who were being previewed while we were recording), and a few other highlights.

And don’t worry about the lack of Mike at the beginning, he’ll show up partway through the episode. You won’t have to do without the beard for an entire show!

RE: the title – it’ll make sense, I promise.

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Episode 548 – Epic War of the Spark Previews (with Exclusives!)

War of the Spark previews are upon us! And we just happen to have FIVE cards to show off! We’re doing something a little different with our previews this time, we hope you enjoy it! Yay free previews!

But first Samantha joins us for a Sam Quiz! After that it’s time to hit the War of the Spark mechanics and check out all the cards from the story scenes thus far! After finally finishing with all that we’ll jump over to the Card Image Gallery to pick out a few more neat ones before we wrap up this epic length episode!

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