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Episode 439 – Spooky Subtypes: Vampires


It’s Halloween time! So we’re celebrating by checking out some of the favorite creature types of the horror genre for the rest of the month. We’re following up last week’s undead extravaganza with a more different undead extravaganza – Vampires! Because there were so few vampires in Magic’s early days, we’ll be focusing a little more on the individual cards. At least until Vampires underwent a massive change from “big bad iconic creatures” to “standard everyday race” in relatively recent years.

Wow, 7 years counts as “relatively recent”. Man we’re old.

Next week: The rest of the spooky subtypes!

Standard Rotation: http://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/news/revisiting-standard-rotation-2016-10-19
Repentant Vampire/Gallantry full art: http://marktedin.com/FullMagicJpegs/40_41_Gall_RepentVamp.jpg

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