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Episode 580 – So Crisp and Unsanctioned

Out of nowhere, Unsanctioned was revealed on Tuesday. Unsanctioned is the latest silver-bordered product from WotC, but it’s not a full new Un set. It’s a boxed set that features five decks full of some of the greatest hits of silver-bordered cards along with a few new cards in each color. The dorks go in-depth on all the new cards and drop a few honorable mentions of the reprints.

During the final thoughts we ended up going off on a few topics. Brian & Sam’s Prerelease experience, streaming Skyrim, and Dirk’s hang up about the Star Wars Expanded Universe. Just good old random nonsense!

In other news, Brian upgraded his computer to Windows 10. That means he can use his headset mic, which is why he sounds drastically different now. 

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