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Episode 333 – The Comic-Con One

Bear Puncher

This epic-length episode is brought to you by the San Diego Comic-Con MTG panel and by Modern PTQs.

We had so much stuff to talk about that we had to recruit a guest to help us all out, and it’s none other than the @Lansdellicious himself, Chris Lansdell.  The former podcasting lady-of-the-night helps us cover all the ridiculous amount of information they hit us with at the MTG Panel at SDCC.  Also, Mike and Brian tell you how they did in their Modern PTQ last weekend!  Also, 3/3s for 3!  Also, STICKERS!

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Episode 331 – (Squanto’s) Back in Black


Of course this episode, the dorks that attended Prereleases are going to tell you how they did.  That’s a given at this point, don’t you think?

But we’re throwing a curve at you this episode with the addition of an old friend.  Squanto is back this episode!  One of the founding members of The Mana Pool, Squanto has returned so you guys can get reacquainted with him before the livestream this weekend.  More on that later.

The real point of this episode is Black!  We’re talking all about the flavor, mechanics, and general awesomeness of Black as a color in Magic.  Did you know that Black can justify almost anything in you either make them sacrifice some resource or make it a zombie?  Apparently you can!  You can learn all this and more this episode!

In other news, WE DID IT!  We broke the first goal of $10,000 on the Kickstarter!  Not only did we break it, but we broke it WHILE RECORDING!  So you guys get to hear me lose my mind in the middle of the show.  So now that we’re good, let’s shoot for stretch goals! We’re no longer pushing so that you’ll get stuff, you’re guaranteed stuff now!  We’re pushing to get everyone BETTER stuff!  The more people pledge, the better everything gets for everyone!

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Episode 321 – The Countdown (Not Really)

Journey Into Nyx

The dorks tell you all about their Journey Into Nyx Prerelease experiences!  Which of the dorks did well?  Which of the dorks did multiple prereleases?  Why is Chewie so bad at this game?  These questions and more will be answered in this episode!  Actually, not all of them will be answered.  Sorry about that, but Chewie’s just bad, there’s no particular reason why.

There’s also a pretty fair amount of news, so there’s that.  Links for all that stuff are below.


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Episode 315 – The GP Richmond Episode

GP Richmond Playmat

Following a week off to prepare for the insanity that was Grand Prix Richmond, here is the GP Richmond episode!  It’s just Chewie and Mike from the standard-issue dorks, so to help us out we brought on two special Richmond dorks!  First up is our (very) old pal, Level 3 Judge, podcaster, and horrible person Bryan Prillaman!  You might remember him from the Avant-Card Show back in the day or his current podcasting deal, JudgeCast.  Our second guest dork is Corvin Powell, a LONG-TIME listener we met in Richmond.  He was pretty awesome and he was playing a deck running Mike’s favorite unplayed Modern-legal card.

We spent the entire episode talking all about the insane event.  We had Mike and Corvin talking about their Death Cloud decks.  Prillaman explained how the logistics of such a crazy event work.  Chewie and Mike told us all about the friends and listeners we met while we were there.  We even took a few minutes to talk about the whole image gallery that has become known as CrackGate, so keep an ear out for that.


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Episode 312 – Vignere Ciphers and Standard Jund

Confederate Cipher Disk

Warning: Chewie is sick.  So he sounds a little different than usual, and he’s muted a lot.

The dorks bring lots of news this week!  Since the last episode was a live one, we’ve got two weeks’ worth of stuff to talk about! They revealed an Event Deck, announced a new From the Vault, and teased us with a bizarre coded webpage.  Luckily, people much more motivated than us went ahead and decoded it, so we told you all about it.  Of course by now the official decoded page is up, but that’s to be expected, right?

So once we finished up the news, the discussion on Vigenère ciphers, and a new Penny Arcade comic, we actually had stuff to talk about!  Mike attended a Sealed tournament last weekend, so he’s gotta tell you how he did there.  Brian’s working on a Standard Jund deck to take to an SCG Invitational Qualifier, so he’s gonna tell us all about that.  It sounds pretty sweet though, I must say.  Links for all that stuff are below!

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