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Episode 528 – Guilds of Ravnica Prerelease Field Recordings

It’s Prerelease time! So of course, the dorks take the handy dandy digital recorder to Lucky’s for what will be the final Prerelease there before it closes up (again). We’ll check in before the event starts and between each round to let you know how the format looks, what cards are working or not working for us, things like that. You know the drill by now, right?

Also, the episode begins with a Sam Quiz from a few weeks ago that I didn’t want to use in front of a 2.5 hour episode. Enjoy!

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Episode 507 – Dominaria Prerelease Field Recordings

Magic is finally going home! The Dominaria prerelease is here, which means Chewie breaks out his trusty digital recorder! This year he did something a little different though. On Saturday he headed out to House of Cards in Winston-Salem, NC to hang out with Mike (not that one), Carter, and Andy to talk about Dominaria. There are discussions about broken cards they’ll never print, Brawl, Prison decks, and the set in general.

Then on Sunday Chewie joins Mike (now it’s that one) and Brian at Lucky’s in Greensboro, NC to actually play in the prerelease. You’ll get the usual round-by-round commentary as well as hearing how Brian did at the midnight on Friday. All in all, we all really enjoyed going back home to Dominaria. How was your prerelease experience?

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Episode 493 – RIX Prerelease Field Recordings

It’s time! Chewie & Mike went to the Rivals of Ixalan Prerelease, so that means the handy digital recorder went too! We recorded our thoughts & experiences after deckbuilding and after each round, with a super special surprise in round 1! What did Chewie do that was incredibly impressive? What insane bomb did Mike not play? Listen to find out!

After the tourney we went to have celebratory Mexican food, but we didn’t record that.

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Episode 461 – Amonkhet Prerelease Field Recordings

The dorks are live from the Amonkhet prerelease! Who did well? Who went undefeated? Who’s the slow player? Who opened a shiny new Invocation? Who spat processed chicken parts at the person sitting next to them? Just how sexy is Sexy Jarod? All these answers (except the last one) and more are waiting in this very episode, recorded live from Lucky’s Card Shop in Greensboro, NC!


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Episode 457 – The Orlando Report

A report of all the shenanigans the four of us got up to at GP Orlando! So sorry if we missed any of you while we were there! I’m exhausted so that’s all I’m writing.

GP Orlando Coverage – http://magic.wizards.com/en/events/coverage/gporl17

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