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Episode 315 – The GP Richmond Episode

GP Richmond Playmat

Following a week off to prepare for the insanity that was Grand Prix Richmond, here is the GP Richmond episode!  It’s just Chewie and Mike from the standard-issue dorks, so to help us out we brought on two special Richmond dorks!  First up is our (very) old pal, Level 3 Judge, podcaster, and horrible person Bryan Prillaman!  You might remember him from the Avant-Card Show back in the day or his current podcasting deal, JudgeCast.  Our second guest dork is Corvin Powell, a LONG-TIME listener we met in Richmond.  He was pretty awesome and he was playing a deck running Mike’s favorite unplayed Modern-legal card.

We spent the entire episode talking all about the insane event.  We had Mike and Corvin talking about their Death Cloud decks.  Prillaman explained how the logistics of such a crazy event work.  Chewie and Mike told us all about the friends and listeners we met while we were there.  We even took a few minutes to talk about the whole image gallery that has become known as CrackGate, so keep an ear out for that.


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Episode 312 – Vignere Ciphers and Standard Jund

Confederate Cipher Disk

Warning: Chewie is sick.  So he sounds a little different than usual, and he’s muted a lot.

The dorks bring lots of news this week!  Since the last episode was a live one, we’ve got two weeks’ worth of stuff to talk about! They revealed an Event Deck, announced a new From the Vault, and teased us with a bizarre coded webpage.  Luckily, people much more motivated than us went ahead and decoded it, so we told you all about it.  Of course by now the official decoded page is up, but that’s to be expected, right?

So once we finished up the news, the discussion on Vigenère ciphers, and a new Penny Arcade comic, we actually had stuff to talk about!  Mike attended a Sealed tournament last weekend, so he’s gotta tell you how he did there.  Brian’s working on a Standard Jund deck to take to an SCG Invitational Qualifier, so he’s gonna tell us all about that.  It sounds pretty sweet though, I must say.  Links for all that stuff are below!

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Episode 311 – BotG Prerelease Field Recordings

Phenax, God of Deception

It’s the Born of the Gods Prerelease, so you know what that means!  We took the recorder with us and recorded a bunch of stuff that happened!  Listen as Chewie, Mike, and Brian let you know what happened after (almost) each round!

We’re joined by lots of guests, including our old friend Gabe!  He’s the one that taught Mike how to play a thousand years ago!  There are also appearances from listeners and opponents like Sam, Craig, Chris, Pete, and Nate!  If anyone got missed, we apologize wholeheartedly.

Also, this one has something special included.  For a long time now people have been asking for recordings of an actual Prerelease game.  To show you all what a bad idea this is, Chewie recorded his 5th round against Jacob.  It’s completely unedited, so you guys get the full effect.  Let us know how much that’s not a good idea to do in the future!


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Episode 301 – A Classic (and Boros)

Boros Old vs. New

Mike and Brian kick off the episode by telling us all about the SCG Classic they went to last weekend.  Brian played a green-red deck, while Mike took his Maze’s End construction. After that, Chewie joined them for a couple games of EDH.  Then we spend a bit of time discussing the Commander 2013 card that was TEARING UP the top tables at the Legacy AND Vintage Champs.  How completely random.

Then, because we are Dirkless, we can’t do an Old vs. New for any of the guilds left that have green in them.  Or blue.  So we took to Boros!  We compare crap with awesome, amazing with fantastic, decent with okay, and pretty good with also pretty good.  Who won?  We don’t remember, so you’ll have to listen to find out!

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Episode 296 – Standard Rotation: Halfa Dirka Piece

Purphoros, God of the Forge

Sadly this episode we are one Dirk short of a full cast due to grad school holding him down and beating him.  But to replace him, we brought along two guest hosts! We have a half-Dirk veteran, our old buddy Bill Bloodworth (@SqueeGoblnNabob) joining us again!  And the other half of Dirk is our buddy from GP Charlotte and GP Pittsburgh, JT Kohnen (@NerdPop140)! You know and love him as CyberPunkOtaku01 on the forums.

So what were we actually talking about this episode? Well of course the Prerelease results were the first thing. Everyone but Chewie is here to tell you all about how they did and what they played.  Chewie missed his first Prerelease in no one knows how long, but at least Brian’s sealed pool still thinks it’s a Ravnica block.

After that, we had to talk about all the cards that are rotating out of Standard. It’s not something that we usually talk about, but it’s a tradition here on The Mana Pool!  Every rotation we rant and rave about all the crap we don’t have to hear about any more, and it’s great!  Since Bill and JT pay attention to Standard, and Mike and Brian do too, it’s a really good discussion.

A moment of silence please for JT’s Deadeye Navigator deck.  It will be missed.

JT’s NerdPop blog: http://nerdpopularity.blogspot.com/


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