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Story Circle for Episode 383 (Kickstarter Reward)


On episode 383 of the show we knocked out a long-awaited Kickstarter Backer Reward! This one was for a Story Circle that we would then assemble and send to the backer. John chose this reward, and we’re finally letting him know what he can expect!

He requested a Captain Sisay deck from us, so we are happy to oblige. We wanted to make sure that this deck had a cohesive feel to it and wasn’t just a green-white legendary good stuff deck. I think we did pretty well, and John seemed pleased with the deck we came up with. Let us know what you think!

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Episode 383 – In the Arms of the Angels


The full list for From the Vault: Angels was revealed! Because so many of the included angels were touchstones of our Magic-playing careers, we decided to actually go deep on these! We’re taking a look at each one and discussing why it’s in the FTV, drooling over new art, and remembering our own experiences. And that’s only half the episode!

One of our awesome Kickstarter rewards was for a Story Circle that we would then put together and send to the backer. And on this episode, we’re finally getting around to it. He wanted a Captain Sisay deck, so this one’s for you John! To see the full list that we came up with, check the link below!

FTV: Angels full reveal – http://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/feature/vault-angels-2015-08-10
Backer Reward Story Circle – http://themanapool.com/the-deck-box/storycircle383edh/

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Episode 358 – Greg’s Fifteen Minutes of Fame (Ask Your Parents)

Mad Stork

Welcome to our second Kickstarter backer episode! This week we have on Greg, the MadStork, who has been listening to us for far, far too long. And we love him for it! He brings with him an episode idea that really appeals to us. Greg has us combining two things we love – Duel Decks and Commander!

The discussion begins with a brief recap of what Duel Decks in Magic actually are. We then roam around our brains trying to track down other conflicts that would be great as Duel Decks, no matter how ridiculous. Cats are apparently jerks, because we came up with a lot of different conflicts involving cats. It’s pretty ridiculous.

So ridiculous in fact that we picked one of these cat conflicts to do a pair of Story Circles! One is a Cat Commander Duel Deck, because cats are jerks, and the opponent is…you know what? I’m gonna keep that a secret. Just listen and find out!

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Story Circles for Episode 358

Cats Vs Fish

For Episode 358 we brought on Greg, a longtime listener and Kickstarter backer! He wanted to discuss the various conflicts in fantasy in general and in Magic specifically that could be turned into a Duel Decks set. After kicking around a LOT of ideas both seriously good and incredibly goofy, we decided to two a pair of Story Circles to illustrate what one of these conflicts might look like as a Commander Duel Decks set.

This one was entirely too much fun. We talked a lot on the episode about how cats are apparently jerks since they work really well in a lot of conflicts. We took one of the sillier ones and built some decks! I give you Cats vs. Fish!

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Story Circle for Episode 342

Karador, Ghost Chieftain

With the release of Khans of Tarkir, we really wanted to do a wedge-based Story Circle with one of the Khans.  But then we looked at each of the Khan cards and decided that they were actually…kind of boring to build around.  But luckily, a listener had asked if we had any plans of building around some of the original Commander product Commanders.  Hey, they’re wedge-colored!  So we decided we’d do one of those for Episode 342. We discounted the ones that a dork had already built around and looked at what was left, and decided to see what we could do with Karador.  This one was fun, as most of them tend to be, and we hope you enjoy it!

For those that don’t know how this works, we start with a Legendary creature for the Commander, then we take turns adding cards to the deck.  It’s sort of like the camping thing where you start a story and go around the circle continuing it, thus the name.  Plus, you know, Story Circle.


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