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Episode 298 – Serious Fun with Bruce Richard

If he never joins us again, it's because of this image

As if you couldn’t tell from the title, we’re joined this episode by former Muse, former Gathering Magic writer, former Star City Games writer, current DailyMTG writer and longtime Mana Pool listener Bruce Richard!  Be sure you pronounce that all French-like, it turns out he’s Canadian.  But don’t hold that against him, he’s still completely awesome! You can follow him on Twitter @manaburned

We begin the episode by getting Bruce to give us some background.  Who he is, where he came from, that sort of thing.  From there we dive right into Commander previews, because heaven forbid we have any freakin’ time at all between preview seasons.  But at least these cards are pretty cool, if not a little wordy at times.

After an appropriate enough musical break, we’ve got a really fun Magic Mad Lib, followed by a brand new Story Circle!  We’ve gotta do a Commander-style Story Circle with one of these new legendary dudes, and if you were listening closely to the previews I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to figure out which one.  If you want to see the full list we came up with, just click here: http://themanapool.com/the-deck-box/storycircle298edh/


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Story Circle for Episode 298

Nekusar the Mindrazer

Here’s the Story Circle we did for Episode 298 with our very special guest host Bruce Richard.  When we previewed this card, we all seemed to REALLY like it, so we wanted to use it for a nice EDH/Commander deck.  As usual when we have a guest host doing a Story Circle, this one turned out to be pretty freakin’ awesome.  So awesome in fact that you might see it again somewhere else.  Somewhere not on this site.  Just sayin’.  No I don’t know where, shut up.

Okay, yes I do know where, but I’m not going tell you.  HA!  How you like them apples?

I do hope you guys enjoy though, this one was a lot of fun.  Bruce got all into it, which got all of us into it even more, and I really think that made it a good one.


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Episode 272 – Story Circles for Everyone! (On the Show)

Story Circle (Tenth Edition)

Remember the planeswalkers that the dorks made for each other a couple episodes ago?  Yeah?  Well this episode we’re doing Story Circles to craft a deck around each of those dorky planeswalkers!  Pretty awesome huh?

Of course, that’s not all we’re up to.  Oh no.  Brian rambles on about Modern just a bit before we get going (weird I know).  We talk for a couple more minutes about the newest You Make the Card vote (at the time it was a runoff between land and enchantment).

At the end, we have another amazing rush of gratitude for a listener who, for reasons that continue to baffle us, sent us some stuff.  And I’m talking good stuff too.  Like damn.  Check out the altered Nether Shadow that he sent to Chewie and tell us that’s not awesome:

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Episode 243 – Up Your Arsenal (w/ Story Circle)

Commander Arsenal

Hey look, we’re doing another Commander episode!  Told you we weren’t done with these, what now haters?  Or whatever.  Gimme a break, I never know how to start off these episode write-ups.  But we are focusing on Commander again this week, and of course we’ve got a guest host.  We managed to snag none other than Tom of the now-defunct MTG Radio podcast.   That show is the main reason Chewie decided to give EDH a try back in the day!

We begin with a discussion of competitive EDH that came from a listener email, then move over to the Commander’s Arse(nal).  Everyone has their opinion on the product thus far.  Except for Mike, since we were apparently not listening to what he said.  He said stuff though, he assures us!

Commander’s Arsenal:

Then we decided to bring back the old Story Circle.  Aw yeah, you know you love it!  Our random general this time around was…Cromat.  Yeah, but we made the best out of it.  If you want to follow along or at least see what these cards are as we rattle them off, you can check out the post here:

Tom is @MTGRadio on Twitter by the way – you know what to do.


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EDH Story Circle from Episode 243


So…yeah.  In case you couldn’t tell, this is the Story Circle list from Episode 243.  If you haven’t listened to it yet, you probably should.  We got Tom, formerly of the MTG Radio podcast, to join us for this one.  He’s on Twitter, oddly enough, as @MTGRadio.  MTG Radio is also the reason Chewie started playing EDH in the first place, so much love to those guys.

Our randomly-chosen general today, as you can probably tell from the big-ass picture directly to the right, is Cromat.  First off, there’s a problem with Cromat.  The problem with Cromat is that he’s five colors and does nothing terribly specific.  He’s just wide open.  Sure he has five abilities, but none of those abilities really DO anything that you’d want to build around.  When it comes to doing a Story Circle with nothing but a general to go off of, that’s a very big problem.

Luckily, we had Tom around to point out that Cromat does have one thing going for him.  He’s got FIVE ABILITIES!  Whatever are we going to do with all those ABILITIES?  Gee, I don’t know, how about some stuff that deals with ABILITIES!  Oh, just go ahead and check out the list.  Warning: This deck ended up all over the place.  The order we started with lasts until the final group, where Mike and Brian had to switch it up because Brian’s brain sorta hung up for a minute.


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