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Episode 571 – Brian Talks Brawl Rotation

Since Standard rotated with Throne of Eldraine that means Brawl rotated too! And our own rambling dork Brian is ALL ABOUT some Brawl, so he wanted to do an episode about it! So we’re gonna hit what left Standard and what that means for Brawl, with Brian’s decks as an example. There’s a good amount of discussion with the live Twitch chat too, which is why you should come join us live on Thursday nights!

If you have any Brawl plans in the new post-rotation format, let us know!

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Episode 392 – Standard Rotation: Where Are Your Gods Now?

It’s time to discuss that yearly occurrence – the rotation of old Standard into new Standard. The dorks are taking a look at the cards and decks that came from Magic 2015 and the Theros block and bidding them a fond farewell. Or in a few cases, laughing maniacally as they disappear. Whichever.

But first, a bit of news about the upcoming Arena of the Planeswalkers expansion! Literally, just a bit. And there’s the new Comp Rules update for those of you that care.

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Episode 343 – Return to Farewell to Return to Ravnica

Journey to Ravnica

After falling into (out of?) a time warp, the dorks are looking at all the stuff from Return to Ravnica and Magic 2014 that rotated out of Standard recently.  All those cards that Chewie got sick of talking about on Monday Night Magic and the ones Mike and Brian got sick of seeing at Friday Night Magic.  We’ve got the whole week covered!

After that we’re telling you all about the Khans Sealed PTQ we went to last weekend.  A good time was had by all!  Find out who did well and who did REALLY well!


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Episode 252 – Rotated (and Touched)

Dead Titans

As we tend to do with every Standard rotation, we’re going to take a look at all the things that we won’t be hearing about any more.  Scars of Mirrodin, Mirrodin Besieged, New Phyrexia, and Magic 2012 are all gone, and that means no more Titans, Infect, Elesh Norn, Bloodthirst, Heroes, Slagstorm, Ponder, Swords, and ALL KINDS of other stuff!

To help us out with this discussion, we brought on everyone’s favorite podcaster, Chris Lansdell (@lansdellicious).  And I’m glad we did, because this show was entirely too much fun.

You may notice a very small difference in the intro.  That’s all for you, Myke Okuhara!

Oh yeah, be sure you hang around until the end.  Trust me on this one.

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