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Hoist the Colours: A Tournament Report for SCG Charlotte

by William Bloodworth, aka Bill, aka Kurai Seraphim, aka *REDACTED*

Drogskol Captain

I’m not a pro player. I’m not really even a casual player anymore, as my playgroup has long since scattered across the country. No, I’m one of those awkward in-between players who does well at FNM but can’t seem to make it to the top 8 of a PTQ, much less qualify for a serious event. For me, Magic is about applying myself to something that I can always get better at by reflecting on my mistakes until avoiding them becomes second nature. For this reason, I push myself to attend bigger events whenever possible.

I traveled to Charlotte with the Mana Pool dorks early Saturday morning. I woke up extra early and set out about half an hour before I needed to because, historically, I’m really good at getting myself lost. I’ve ended up in the wrong city looking for game shops on the wrong main street before, so I always leave myself extra buffer. Thankfully, I’ve been to Chewie’s before and actually found it this time, so my day began with a promising start.
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Episode 218 – Commander Month: Leaving a Crater w/ Laura by Spruke

Laura, leaving a craterWe are joined this episode by none other than Laura Diemer and Bill Boulden, aka Laura by Spruke.  You might know them from clips played right here on the show, or perhaps you bought their album, Katana & Tonic, on iTunes or one of the other digital music distribution services.  If not, then maybe you should!

Last weekend most of us went to the SCG Open in Charlotte.  We played lots of EDH, so of course we’re gonna talk about some of the crazy stuff that went on in a few of those games.  Bill (Bloodworth, not Spruke) and Brian played in the Standard Open.  Bill’s going to write up a tourney report that I’ll put on the site once it’s done.  Brian went into detail about his rounds at the beginning of this episode.  If you wanna check out his deck, then I have the link for you!

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Brian’s Standard Black/White Tokens

Here’s the BW Tokens deck Brian took to the SCG Open in Charlotte earlier this month.  If you want to hear all about how the deck worked and all the stories and whatnot that go with it, you should listen to the first part of Episode 218.  He went into detail about all his rounds and how the deck was working and all that good stuff!

By the way, I’m posting this under his name because it’s his deck and so he’ll be notified of comments.  He’s not pompous enough to be talking about himself in the third person.

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Episode 209 – Dirk and a Half

Planeswalkers for EqualityHey look, Bill’s back!  And since he’s here, we begin this episode by talking all about the SCG Invitational we went to last week.  We’ve got all kindsa stories and people and things.  There are links to the two playmats we talked about a little further down.  And you know you wanna see 😉

Then we have a Magic Mad Lib from Myke Okuhara, which is seriously drop-dead hilarious.  No really.  I might die.  Then we did a real Mad Lib that Brian wrote, because it was there to do.  Just don’t get used to this two-Mad-Libs-per-episode thing going on here, okay?

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Episode 201 – Armchair Art Critic

Armchair Art CriticThis episode is packed!  We start off with our traditional post-rotation discussion.  I’m not sure why we do this, not being Standard players for the most part and being a casual podcast, but we always do and we’ve always gotten positive feedback about it.  So here it is again!  Did you realize that something besides Squadron Hawk rotated out?  I didn’t either!

Keeping with this Standard-centric topic, we then move to a quick discussion about the first couple of SCG Open with the new Standard.  It’s amazing what these people are doing nowadays! Oh, and there are new Innistrad Event Decks to discuss.

That sounds like a full show right there, but we’re not even close to done yet!  Continue reading »

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