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Episode 389 – Brian Likes Allies

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The full set has been revealed, so on this episode we’re talking about even more cards from Battle for Zendikar! Completely by happenstance, we focused a lot more on commons and uncommons this episode. Seriously, we didn’t to that on purpose.

This episode begins with a Sam Quiz and ends with a rant and nostalgia. In the middle, Brian keeps bringing it back to the allies, Chewie runs off on tangents, and we try to figure out what’s wrong with the non-ally characters, the unsociable jerks.

BFZ Card Image Gallery – http://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/card-image-gallery/battleforzendikar

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Episode 387 – Land On Your Feet

titans presence

It’s time to do a segment that we do so incredibly infrequently that it doesn’t even have a name! It begins with a simple topic that we each build a deck around. The other two times we did it, the topics were “lifegain” and “counters”. This time, it was equally simple – “lands”. The other times we’ve done this we each built vastly different decks from our simple one-word prompt, and this time is no different! If you want to see our lists, the link is down below!

After that it’s on to the Battle for Zendikar previews! Since the last time we recorded a ridiculous amount of information came out of PAX. Oh, and it’s the first week of previews. Rather than trying to catch up completely, we’re just going to hit the high notes of the new stuff. You know, the mechanics, the big story characters, the marketing stunts.

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Episode 381 – Here There (Can’t) Be Dragons


This week the dorks are going back to everyone’s favorite giant scaly fire-breathing mythical creatures – Dragons! We’re heading over to Dirk’s Creature Corner so he can tell us all the reasons that Dragons can’t actually exist. Whether it’s because they can fly even though they shouldn’t be able to, because they don’t make sense compared to the rest of the fossil record, or because they, you know, BREATHE FIRE, they just don’t make sense in the real world. Don’t worry though, we managed to have several entertaining and interesting tangents over the course of this conversation!

After that we decided to take it easy and just have some extended final thoughts, which we all did. Mike’s building Goblins, Brian’s building Jeskai Burn, Dirk’s got a light at the end of the tunnel, and Chewie has YouTube updates!

Let us know what you think of Dragons in the real world, and if you have any other suggestions for future Creature Corners then tell us!

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Episode 364 – Ancient Carp: Best Card in Dragons!

Ancient Carp

This episode the dorks are joined by an old friend – Eric of Many Names! (@EricMTGCast on Twitter) He used to hold the record for most guest appearances on the show (until Bill gradually stole it from him), and he’s back this week to talk about Dragons of Tarkir! Rather than do the usual thing where we just pick cards we like seemingly at random, Brian had a neat idea. We’re each going to create a pack of cards from the set – 9 commons, 3 uncommons, 1 rare, and a “foil” that can be anything. All five of us made up a pack, and there wasn’t as much overlap as you might think! So get ready for a massive dose of Dragons with our friendly voice from the past!

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Episode 360 – Full Circle!

Polymorphist's Dorks

Look everyone, Bill joined us this week! After the Duel Decks and From the Vault announcements, we hit up another pre-mythic rarity set so we can pick out the rares we think would be Mythics if it had existed back then. After going over the many many name ideas we got, we decided to go with Mythic Conscription! Thanks a lot for all the suggestions! The set we’re tackling this time is Scourge, the last set that was all about the Dragons! For the record, this one is REALLY weird. What would your mythics be?

There are rumors of Netflix planning to create a series based on The Legend of Zelda. We started there and tried to imagine what kind of show you could get out of the various stories and settings of Magic. From police procedurals to an Animatrix-style anthology, we kick around lots of totally brilliant ideas for episodic shows about Magic, and Wizards should TOTALLY hire us. Like seriously. What do you think would work?


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