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Episode 534 – Solid Gold Flavor Fight

The dorks bring back a featured segment they haven’t done a good long while…a Flavor Fight! We’ve called it many things over the years, mostly involving words from the titles of fighting games. This time, we went with the Random Card feature in Gatherer until we hit gold creatures! The bracket is set, the rules are fuzzy, and the dorks are ready to argue! Can a monk withstand a faerie’s feminine wiles? Can a demon look madness in the tentacled face without blinking? How much does size matter?

Oh, and there’s another adorable Sam Quiz at the beginning. I think she might have been reading too much Harry Potter. Just saying.

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Episode 528 – Guilds of Ravnica Prerelease Field Recordings

It’s Prerelease time! So of course, the dorks take the handy dandy digital recorder to Lucky’s for what will be the final Prerelease there before it closes up (again). We’ll check in before the event starts and between each round to let you know how the format looks, what cards are working or not working for us, things like that. You know the drill by now, right?

Also, the episode begins with a Sam Quiz from a few weeks ago that I didn’t want to use in front of a 2.5 hour episode. Enjoy!

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Episode 524 – Pranked by the Dimir

It is time once again to return to Ravnica. Or return to Return to Ravnica. Ravnica 3: Secret of the Ooze. But enough with the jokes, Guilds of Ravnica is here! The dorks (minus Mike) are going over the guild mechanics and all the sweet promos that have been revealed thus far! We’ve got an enormous wurm with dainty little feet, Emmara on keto, super sweet basic lands and even sweeter Masterpiece-like Planeswalkers!

Look out for our exclusive Guild of Ravnica preview card on Monday, September 17!

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Episode 519 – Arterial Spritz

This episode we’re taking a look at ALL the rest of the cards in Commander 2018 that we missed last episode! This leads to discussions about the HR manager in charge of hiring Humiliators, the Bane of enchanters, how the Ravenous Slime uses its skulls, and of course the titular arterial spritz of the Bloodtracker. We may or may not have been extra silly this episode.

Please, give us feedback! Let us know how the change has impacted your experience with the show, whether it’s in audio form, live on Twitch, or watching the YouTube version of the stream later!

Come join us in the future! The show will be live on Thursdays around 8pm(ish) Eastern time on twitch.tv/themanapool

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Episode 514 – The Return of the Core

After not recording for a staggering 2 weeks in a row, the dorks are back! We’ve got a very cheeky Sam Quiz to kick off the whole thing, because what’s a better way to get back into the groove?

After that, we’re all-in on Core Set 2019 previews! After 3 years without a Core Set, Magic has decided that it’s a necessity. So they’ve changed the way they build these sets, with beginner-friendly cards at common & uncommon and laser-focused answers and super-neat cards at rare & mythic!

Captain Sniffles rides again! And the Beardy Man has completely forgotten how Magic cards work! Will our heroes get through the episode without incident? You’ll just have to listen to find out!

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