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Episode 594 – Tinybones & the Muxus Cascade

The dorks dive into Jumpstart! First we’ll explain what it is, and the concept is actually pretty neat. Then we’ll jump into the Card Image Gallery and go through all the new cards in it. The new cards are mostly really cool. Oh, and there are Legendary creatures that have actually interesting abilities! Remember those? Wow!

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Episode 593 – Shrines & Stuff

New Shrines! Sure there are lots of other neat cards too, but new Shrines! There are new card versions of old characters, which is pretty awesome. We get to see more of Teferi’s family. There are lots of doggos and kitty-kitties! Bronto-Dave is back! There are neat twists on old standard effects (Traitorous Greed is really cool)! There are some SWEET new goblins if that’s your thing! There are some nifty brain-bending pieces of art alongside nifty brain-bending card text!

But really, none of that matters. Because NEW SHRINES!

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Episode 592 – The Good Boys & the Ugly Underbelly

Hey we’re back! We took a couple weeks off, first to do a non-podcast chatting stream and then out of respect for the Black Lives Matter movement. By the way, Black Lives Matter. Also, Trans Rights are Human Rights. Got that?

The dorks are first concerned for Dirk, who just hadn’t responded to any of our attempts to contact him when he didn’t show up for the recording. Then we cover the recent racism concerns that have come to light about Wizards of the Coast, including their decision to remove card images from Gatherer and straight-up ban a handful of potentially problematic cards.

So then we get to move over to the Core Set 2021 previews! Because yes, it’s preview time again! There’s a lot of neat stuff in here, so let’s spend the rest of the episode having fun checking out all the new cards and reprints! AND SO MANY DOGGOS!

Oh, and Dirk did finally reappear, so you can stop worrying about him.

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Episode 589 – I’m Not Going Out to Take Pictures

The dorks head back to the Ikoria Card Image Gallery to take a look at all the weird stuff this plane has going on. We begin, of course, with the actual Sharknado. From there we find more shark things, a ridiculous number of mashed-up creatures (like a Porcuparrot and a Tigorilla), and the usual assortment of neat spells, stories told through cards, and assorted other weirdness.

I’m still not going outside to take pictures of ANY of these critters!

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Episode 588 – Companions and Ultimatums

The dorks are back on Ikoria! Since time is forever limited we weren’t able to take a look at the ENTIRE set, but we did hit a lot of the high points. Brian is blown away by the Triomes (for some reason), the new cycle of wedge Ultimatums are pretty amazing, and the rest of the Companions are bizarrely entertaining. Then we circle around and hit the rest of the Mythic Rares that we hadn’t covered yet and called it a night.

On the next episode we’re gonna come back to Ikoria and take a look at all the bizarre nonsense that’s going on in this set. In the meantime let us know what you think of any of the stuff in the set whether we’ve covered it or not!

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