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Episode 318 – Get On the Boat! (JOU Previews)

Credit Card Mask

It’s been a while since we recorded, so we’ve got news!  An article on Gathering Magic about Vorthos podcasts (we got an honorable mention!), new Duel Decks, and a new eBook are all on the docket, so do enjoy that.

Then we get to the fun part, the first of the Journey Into Nyx previews!  There’s a god, there’s all the mechanics (old and new), there’s lots of crazy stuff, and there’s a boat that screeches to a halt.  Oh, and the credit card mask!  Holy crap the credit card mask!  GET ON THE BOAT!

We finish up the episode with the announcement of the first video on The Mana Pool’s YouTube channel!  It’s a new Whazzap! video, so go watch it and enjoy and subscribe, because there will be more stuff in the future! We also spend a good amount of time thanking a listener for a major out-of-the-blue donation.  If you’d like to send us money…don’t.  Just trust me on this one.  Hang onto it for a couple weeks, it’ll be worth your time, I assure you.


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Episode 310 – Bowtie of the Gods

Born of the Gods

In case you couldn’t tell from the amazing title, the dorks are joined this week by our favorite Level 2 judge and Monday Night Magic cohost, Cluze!  I can say that because Prillaman is a Level 3 now.  Dr. Science comes on to help us take a look at the full Born of the Gods set before the prerelease.  Yes I know it’s after the prerelease now, but give me a break here.  There’s not much else to say, so everyone give it a listen and enjoy!

Follow Cluze on Twitter: @lacluyze
Listen to Cluze on Card Advantage – http://mtgcast.com/topics/mtgcast-podcast-shows/active-podcast-shows/card-advantage


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Episode 309 – Inane Segues

Born of the Gods

In case you weren’t aware, we’re still knocking out those Born of the Gods previews.  We recorded this the day the FAQ was accidentally put up, but we didn’t actually do any of those cards.  That would have been a really long show, and that’s turrible.  As has become tradition during preview season, we reached through the internet and snatched up our old buddy Bill Bloodworth (@SqueeGoblnNabob) to join in the fun.  Then we all ate cake!

Okay, we didn’t eat cake.  But it’s still a good, cake-free, low-calorie episode! And blame Chewie for being whelmed.


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Episode 308 – Dual-Colored Gods

Mogis, God of Slaughter

On this episode, the dorks take on all the news and the first round of Born of the Gods spoilers!  There’s a serious amount of bizarre news, from coins to a movie to a high-priced Modern Event Deck announcement.  News you can use?  Probably not, but there’s plenty enough news here!  All the links are down below, so follow along if you want!

After that, we have a super secret special guest!  So secret that we didn’t actually know about him until he was on the show!  But out of nowhere we invited JT to join us for previews!  You know him from our GP Charlotte episode and I’m pretty sure he was on another episode at some point.  You’ve got a search bar on the site, if you wanna hear him again I’m sure you can find him.  He’s pretty awesome, and so are the new mechanics and some of the new cards from Born of the Gods!

Everyone enjoy, then go follow JT on Twitter, he’s @NerdPop140!

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Episode 307 – Old vs New Wrap Up

Old vs New Mana Rocks

We had lots of news to cover since we hadn’t recorded in two weeks.  We took the holiday weeks off don’t you know.  There’s the new planeswalker, the new card frame, and some other less impressive stuff.  We’ll give you our take on all of it, no matter how lame and/or insignificant.

After that we’re off to our wrap up of the Old vs. New series.  Since we covered all the guilds, we decided to take a look at the other aspects of the two blocks.  Mana rocks, lands, overall block structure, that sort of thing.  It’s actually a pretty good discussion, we hope you guys enjoy.  That’s about it for the wrap up, we’re just shooting for a nice short episode to ease back into the podcasting gig.

You know, to be a short episode, the file sure is pretty big.  Huh.


Proceed to Bane Alley, await further instructions.


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