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Episode 562 – Commander 2019, Part 1

Commander 2019 is upon us! And since our Mike can’t be with us this week, we grabbed another Mike to join us – L2 judge and cohost of the Best of 3 podcast, Mike Moore!

It turns out that talking about Commander cards takes a while, so it turns out we’re only doing the first two decks this week – the Sultai Morph deck and the Jeskai Flashback deck. We’re going into detail on all the new cards in each deck and then taking a look at the reprints that make up the rest. Turns out the new cards are pretty good. Who’da thunk it?

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Episode 558 – But No One’s Riding the Goblin

The dorks begin this episode by discussing the MTG Arena State of the Beta announcement. There are elemental cats, a Battle Pass, and the Historic format. Oh, and the London Mulligan and Core Set 2020. Those are important too I guess.

After that, the dorks turn their attentions to the full set of Core Set 2020. We’re checking out the rest of the mythics and cycles that weren’t finished last episode, then jumping around and looking at whatever catches our eye. Hate cards, colored artifacts, legendary creatures, you name it! This Core Set looks really awesome!

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Episode 557 – Cavaliers, Dinosaurs, and Gang Signs

First, we have another adorable Sam Quiz! Then Mike & Brian do their brief recap of their time at MagicFest Washington DC. After that we’re talking about a gift that we got from a longtime listener after well over a year of work!

And then we get to the main topic, going over Core Set 2020 previews! These cards are pretty nuts for a Core Set, and we’re very excited to dig our teeth into them!

At the end there’s a bit of a tangent about year-round school vs. a huge summer break, pretty much out of nowhere. Because we’re cool like that.

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Episode 555 – Dorky Truisms

The dorks are back with a listener Mad Lib, even more Modern Horizons cards to talk about, and a whole slew of completely pointless truisms!

There’s also the full list of Horizons mechanics – but can Chewie read through it all in one breath? Or will he die trying? He better not, otherwise no one’s getting this episode!

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Episode 554 – Time Spiral Two Point Oh

We’re back with more Modern Horizons previews! I’ve been saying it for a couple weeks now, but this set really is Time Spiral all over again. There’s a ridiculous amount of old mechanics coming back, and so many cards are not only good on their own, but are also references to many things throughout the history of Magic. It’s so great!

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