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Episode 428 – Eldritch Moon Prerelease Report

eldritch moon

Hey look, a prerelease happened. Ordinarily that would mean a live episode recorded at said prerelease, but we didn’t do this that time. Instead we’re doing it old-school style and talking about it on the next episode! And since Dirk didn’t hit a prerelease and we didn’t want to bore him, we grabbed our old buddy Bill to take his place this week! You know Bill. He’s also known as Squee over on Monday Night Magic. Yay! So yeah, set looks pretty cool.


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Episode 414 – Shadows Over Innistrad Prerelease Field Recordings

unruly dorks

The dorks are live from the SOI Prerelease at Lucky’s Card Shop in Greensboro NC! Mike, Brian, and Chewie are there to play with some creepy new cards, and we have the handy digital recorder so you guys get our live thoughts as we have them! We’re joined on occasion by Chris, a local listener who frequents Lucky’s, and Sexy Jarod, who is sexy. Like damn. Just for some flavor there’s some talk about The Beast, Chewie’s new computer, Final Fantasy Record Keeper, and the French version of Thundercats. We can’t get through an entire episode without some tangents!

Be sure to let us know how your prerelease went!

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Episode 402 – OGW Prerelease Field Recordings

ep402 thumb

It’s bonus episode time! Chewie, Brian, and Mike went to the Two-Headed Giant Oath of the Gatewatch Prerelease at Lucky’s Card Shop in Greensboro NC. And of course we couldn’t resist taking the digital recorder with us to report in live from the tournament! Don’t worry, we know it’s short. You’ll be getting a normal episode later this week as well!

Chewie & Brian decided to re-form their old 2HG Dream Team because they were seriously awesome at it back in the day. Mike joined up with Chris, one of our local listeners that didn’t have another head. We’ll check in before the tourney starts, in between rounds, and then wrap it all up at the end. We’ll discuss some of the cards that were good to us, some that were less than good, and general 2HG strategy. In this format, perhaps more than any other, you really are playing against your opponents just as much as you are playing against their cards, and that’s one of the reasons Chewie & Brian are so good at it.

A big shout-out to listeners Kristen & Anthony who stopped by to say hi! I hope I spelled your name right, let me know if I didn’t. And if you’re the anonymous sailor that met Chewie’s old man on a plane, send us a message and say hi! He’s bad at remembering names.

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Episode 390 – BFZ Prerelease Field Recordings

bfz prerelease

It’s Prerelease time! Mike, Brian, and Chewie rolled out to Kit Kringle in Winston-Salem to play with Battle for Zendikar for the first time. It’s a nice little shop, if somewhat unprepared for the massive turnout, and I highly recommend anyone in the area check it out.

As for the Prerelease itself, it turned out to be pretty awesome. Mike was playing Grixis Colorless, Brian was in Mardu Allies/Eldrazi, and Chewie played Bant Aggro. One of the dorks finished in the top 8, one of the dorks managed to fire off the Limit Break of a planeswalker, two of the dorks played against each other (of course), and one of the dorks forgot to RTFC – twice! To find out who did all this and more, you’ll just have to listen!

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Episode 380 – Magic Origins 2: The Originating

ep380 walkers

This episode begins with a brief recap of the Magic Origins Prerelease that Mike and Chewie went to. Then we head over to the San Diego Comic-Con Magic panel, which was really just about story and flavor. Fun stuff.

After that we go into Brian’s topic idea, and boy is it a good one. Since Magic Origins seems to be so universally lauded, we figure it won’t be too long until WotC decides to do Magic Origins 2. So we’re checking out the remaining planeswalkers and trying to figure out whose origin should be spotlighted! Along the way we’ll design a few of the Legendary Creature halves of these new transforming Walkers, talk about some of the origin stories we may or may not already know, and ramble on about whatever else comes to mind. Let us know who you guys would want to see!

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