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Episode 304 – From the Arcane Lavatory (Live)

Arcane Lavatory

Since we didn’t want to skip another week, we looked around and dug up an old episode we had in the can.  Originally recorded back in August (probably), this live episode is…a little weird.  For some reason, Audacity decided to ignore the usual desktop mic and listen to the crappy built-in mic on the laptop.  So because of that…it sorta sounds like we recorded it in a bathroom.  Sorry about that.  I’m pretty sure it’s still perfectly serviceable, it’s just not the usual glorious sound quality that you’re used to.

As far as what’s actually going on in this one, it’s a live episode.  That means we’re all sitting around playing some Magic!  We begin with a Commander Planechase game, and those are usually a blast.  Since it’s been SO long since we recorded this, I couldn’t tell you one way or the other.  After a quick musical break, we play a really quick and really filthy 60-card Archenemy game.  I mean it, it was awful.  Even Mike, who was the villain, felt bad about it afterwards.  So to make up for it we did another one.  This time Chewie was the bad guy, and it went a lot longer than the first one.  Not in a bad way, it was just a lot more fair.


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Episode 257 – Go Vacuum (Live)

Flash Man & Dust Man

Hey look, another live episode already!  Yeah, it turns out that the week after the week we took off due to Thanksgiving, Brian decided to go to Disney World and forget to remind us.  We determined that he was missing…about an hour or so before starting.  Since having Brian around was pretty essential for the topic we had in mind, we panicked.  Thus, I bring you the live episode we recorded just last month!

We start off with a nice and sorta quick Commander game.  Then we have a particularly brutal (and therefore short) Archenemy game played with 60-card casual decks.

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Episode 254 – Planechasing and Stuff Live

planechase logo

So here it is, the long-lost live episode of The Mana Pool!  Well, not so much long-lost as recorded-and-not-needed.  We recorded this way back in late June when Chewie, Mike, and Brian all got together to play some Magic.  Dirk was all up in Denver and stuff at the time.  So we played some Planechase, some EDH, maybe some other stuff?  I don’t know, we’re all learning this together.  There’s never much to say with a live episode, so I hope you guys enjoy!

Also, don’t forget that Chewie, along with his Monday Night Magic cohost Jack, will be at Grand Prix Charleston gunslinging!  That’s November 16, 17, and 18!  Here’s the link:

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Planechase: Completely Insane

Talon Gates

Planechase is, just as the title says, completely insane.  This is, quite possibly, the most ridiculous game of Magic ever played.  It was so nuts that I had to write down what happened as it happened so I could make this post and share it with the world.  Please be sure to strap yourselves in, because this is going to be a wild ride.

Mike, Brian and I were sitting at Brian’s kitchen table.  We had decided to play a game of Planechase with the massive stack of all planes using some 60 card casual decks.  I was playing my Soldier deck, Brian was playing his Ink-Treader Nephilim deck, and Mike was playing his dreaded Quest for Ula’s Temple deck.  (Please note that the links in that sentence probably represent older versions of the decks in question.  Except maybe Mike’s.)  I was going first.  I kept a pretty decent opening hand.  We turned up the first card in the Planechase pile…and it was a Mutual Epiphany.  Cool, let’s all draw four cards for our opening hands!  That seems pretty good.  After doing so, we flipped up the next card – Chaotic Aether.  Holy crap.  The most bizarre and oft-overpowered Phenomenon (depending on which plane you ‘walk to after hitting it) has just popped up.  “Of course you realize,” I say to the dorks, “that this means my very first roll will be the Planeswalker symbol, right?”  That’s just how my luck usually runs.  Also, please note that no one has taken any turns yet!

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Episode 233 – New Planechase EDH! (Live)

Spatial Merging

I’ll bet you didn’t expect another live episode so soon, did you?  Well tough.  We all went over to Dirk’s house to play with the new Planechase cards!  Except we did that at the store.  So when we got back to Dirk’s house, we threw ALL the new Planes and Phenomena (doot dooo doo-doo-doo) into a pile, grabbed up some EDH decks, and started Planechasing away!

I’m sorry to say we only got in one game, and it was a LONG one.  But at no point did it become miserable or stupid.  It was actually pretty awesome the whole time.  And the end!  Not to spoil anything, but the end is completely nuts and epic and holy crap was it awesome.  Be sure you stick around for the whole thing.  Due to the magic of editing, you’ll actually get there about 20 minutes before we actually did.

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