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Taking Down the Titans! | Magic Duels Oath of the Gatewatch Finale

We’ve fooled around long enough. It’s time to do the super awesome final boss fight! This one comes with free planeswalkers, a full set of Oaths, and an equally cheatyface opponent. It’s really awesome, I hope they keep doing stuff like this for the story fights.

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Fire Vs Brimstone | Oath of the Gatewatch pt 2

Hey look, I didn’t forget about Duels! I’m so excited for it that I’m all decked out in my old-school MTG gear!

After our brief stint as the bad guy, now we get to set the bad guy on fire! Yay! Then it’s time to actually form The Gatewatch and work together like we’re the Super Friends or something! Yay!

Also, thighs. That is all.


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Demon Galactus is Pleased! – Magic Duels OGW pt 1

It’s time to start the Oath of the Gatewatch story! We begin by running like hell away from a SECOND Eldrazi Titan, Kozilek. That’s always fun. But that’s not even the bad part!

Then we get to take the role of Demon Galactus! Oh…I mean Kool-Aid Man! No wait, that’s not right either. We get to be Ob Nixilis and take some hatred out on Nissa with his mono-black sacrificial deck! I love it!

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Episode 403 – Gatewatching, Etc

We’re back to take another look at Oath of the Gatewatch! Before that we’ve got some old news to rehash and some new news to cover! There’s the B&R list update, some Commander changes, and new things in the IPG. Then we take a while poking around the OGW Card Image Gallery talking about a bunch of stuff we like or don’t like, things that were interesting at the Prerelease, you know how we do.

Then our final thoughts take on a life of their own, as we talk about the horrible water supply debacle of Flint, Michigan. Seriously, this is some stuff that shouldn’t happen in modern society and yet here we are. There’s also Periodic Table Battleship and discussions of the incoming winter weather down here in the South.

Hope you all enjoyed having two episodes this week!

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Episode 402 – OGW Prerelease Field Recordings

It’s bonus episode time! Chewie, Brian, and Mike went to the Two-Headed Giant Oath of the Gatewatch Prerelease at Lucky’s Card Shop in Greensboro NC. And of course we couldn’t resist taking the digital recorder with us to report in live from the tournament! Don’t worry, we know it’s short. You’ll be getting a normal episode later this week as well!

Chewie & Brian decided to re-form their old 2HG Dream Team because they were seriously awesome at it back in the day. Mike joined up with Chris, one of our local listeners that didn’t have another head. We’ll check in before the tourney starts, in between rounds, and then wrap it all up at the end. We’ll discuss some of the cards that were good to us, some that were less than good, and general 2HG strategy. In this format, perhaps more than any other, you really are playing against your opponents just as much as you are playing against their cards, and that’s one of the reasons Chewie & Brian are so good at it.

A big shout-out to listeners Kristen & Anthony who stopped by to say hi! I hope I spelled your name right, let me know if I didn’t. And if you’re the anonymous sailor that met Chewie’s old man on a plane, send us a message and say hi! He’s bad at remembering names.

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