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Episode 546 – Tolkien, with More Clanking and Meowing

The dorks are back with another edition of There’s No Plane Like Home! We’re tackling (sort of) three planes this episode…and they’re all the same plane! We’re starting on Argentum, then moving on to Mirrodin, and ending on New Phyrexia! From quiet empty paradise to mostly good generic fantasy world (plus metal) to horrific war zone, we’re covering the entire history of the plane! Doesn’t that sound like fun? It’s actually not as bad as you might think! You know, until the Phyrexians show up and everything falls apart.

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Episode 181 – Cycles of Compleation

All Will Be One by NewPhyrexiaThis time around, we’ve got even more listener mail!  Reading the mail leads to some interesting conversations.  We discussed cheating a little bit, complete with judge-type commentary by Bryan from the Avant-Card Show, who happens to be a Level 2 Judge.  There’s a little bit of speculation about Innistrad (completely baseless, the best kind!).  And just in case we’re right, you heard it here first!  Innistrad’s going to deal with things dying and possibly life totals.  HA!
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Episode 179 – Listener Appreciation Sequel

Of course I love you. Now get me a beer.It’s that time again! We’ve left our listener emails for far too long, and now we’ve got to devote an entire episode to them! I was afraid this episode was going to end up kind of boring, but I was wrong. The great thing about going over a whole load of listener mail is that they lead us to all kinds of places. I’m talking everything from the Rapture to Standard to Cyndi Lauper to another take on a Magic RPG and all points in between. It’s a heck of a trip, thanks to all of our emailers for leading us along! If you guys would like to email us in the future, we have a new email address! It’s dorks@themanapool.com, please start sending your emails there!

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Extraplanar Augury – New Phyrexia Edition

New PhyrexiaGreetings my children. Welcome to another Extraplanar Augury reading. As our team of enlightened planeswalkers began peering into the Blind Eternities to gather data for our readings, they realized something unsettling. One of the younger planes, Mirrodin, was going through a very troubling time as it neared our own plane. After some brief but dangerous journeys to investigate, our planeswalkers discovered the presence of the Phyrexians, the ancient horrors that caused the planar overlay of Rath and Dominaria so long ago. They were in the process of destroying all other life on the plane, converting it to a New Phyrexia. Such a shift in the nature of a plane is going to have serious repercussions on everyone, albeit in different ways depending on your sign. This reading is to prepare you for the effects of New Phyrexia’s sudden influence over the coming days.

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