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Episode 451 – Someone To Midnight Ritual With

mirrodin mythic

It’s time for a new episode of The Mana Pool! We’ve got a brand new Magic Mad Lib, except this one was written by Chewie for the first time ever! Be afraid, it’s based on some of his recent experiences.

After that we’re doing a Mythic Conscription of the first modern artifact-centric set, Mirrodin! This set is a little weird. So many of the rares are super lame and could never be Mythic…and then you get to the artifacts. Who’d have thought the artifacts in the artifact set would be massively overpowered?

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Episode 417 – The Dark Times

dark times

To break up the Oaths a bit and to give us time to talk about some of the other stuff that’s happened, we’re doing something different this week. First off Mike & Brian recount their experiences at SCG States (while completely glossing over the fondue).

Then it’s time for another Mythic Conscription, where we go through a pre-Mythic set and try to determine what might have been Mythic if such a thing existed. Because it shares some thematic similarities to Innistrad (and because it’s so small) we went with The Dark. Pickings are slim, but the set is actually really neat and features some of the earliest versions of things we’re seeing in modern times!

And of course we can’t ignore some of the big news that’s happened recently. There’s the Pro Tour, the Platinum pay cut and following apology, and the judge lawsuit to talk about. That makes the episode title an unfortunate double entendre, but oh well.

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Episode 408 – Wood of Bline and Iron

bline of wood and iron

Yes everyone, the MTG RPG material will be available for everyone in the future. We promise! We’ll get it to you when it’s ready. Now please stop asking!

This episode begins with a wee bit of email feedback, then some news, then we get into the main topic! We’re finishing up our Mythic Conscription of Kamigawa block by poking at Saviors. This set is definitely a weird one with its legendary spells, its flippy enchantment guys, and its lame horse spirit things. Buh!

After we’re done with that, things take a bit of a turn when Dirk’s final thought leads us into a conversation that lasts longer than Dirk himself does. It’s a serious topic, so pay attention.

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Episode 405 – It’s So Mythicky!

ep405 thumb

Last episode we went into great detail about the Mythic rarity, so it only seems right that we put that discussion to good use this week. We’re doing a Mythic Conscription of Betrayers of Kamigawa! You know as the set that had Ninjas and the Fork of Doom (Umezawa’s Jitte) and…well that’s probably it to be honest. But there’s definitely some crazy stuff going on, as you’ll hear. And we’re totally using the stuff we learned (?) in 404, so that’s good.

Of course we can’t start until I finish embarrassing Mike. He took his Hedron Alignment deck to FNM last week, and I was there to hang out. That means I was there to see a massive failure on his part, which was so awesome in its badness that I just had to share with everyone!

Mike’s Hedron Alignment: http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/ktk-bfz-ori-hedron-alignment/

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Episode 404 – What Does It Mean To Be Mythic?

what is mythic

This week we’re taking it back to a topic that we wanted to do almost two months ago, but we couldn’t fit it in. It’s all about what does or does not constitute the mythic rarity. Our last Mythic Conscription (Episode 398) caused a lot of consternation among our fan base. A significant number of you out there disagreed with how we assessed some of the mythics in Champions of Kamigawa, with the major schism coming from the mythic-ness of the Myojin and/or the Dragons. There was so much feedback about it that we decided to do this discussion!

We’re taking it all the way back to the original definition of mythic as described by Mark Rosewater. There was another article on MTGGoldfish written in December of last year discussing how the mythic rarity has changed in the intervening 8 years. We’re going to take a look at those, talk about them until we’re all blue in the face, and then relate it all back to that fateful Champions of Kamigawa Mythic Conscription. We hope you guys enjoy, and do give us more feedback to let us know what you think!

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