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Episode 603 – The Borderline Mythics of Apocalypse

The dorks are back! And this time we’re doing a Mythic Conscription for the final set of the Invasion block, Apocalypse. Apocalypse was a neat set full of all kinds of awesome cards, but how many of them could have been mythic? Weirdly enough, this is one of the hardest sets we’ve had to do just because so many of these cards are really good and solid rares, but not many seem to climb up into Mythic territory.

Stick around for the final thoughts, where we have black hole questions, Genshin Impact, Final Fantasy 8, Kingdom Hearts, Among Us, the upcoming hiatus of Monday Night Magic, and the Dresden Files TV show.

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Episode 598 – If You’re Not Draco…

The dorks are back! After a wonderful discussion about the Cube Rule of Food Classification, which is very important by the way, we’re doing another Mythic Conscription! This time we’re doing Planeshift, the second set of the Invasion block. Planeshift is…problematic. You’ll see what we mean.

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Episode 584 – The Original Gold Set

The dorks are back! We’re doing a Mythic Conscription for the original Gold set, Invasion! This was before they really figured out how to do a set focused on multicolored well, so there’s some bizarre stuff in here. The gold cards are, by and large, REALLY good. The monocolored stuff is…well it’s definitely monocolored. And yes, we did talk about Fact or Fiction. A couple times.

There was an excellent Sam Quiz at the beginning too, don’t forget that! She’s getting much better at describing card art.

Seriously though, everyone be safe out there in the midst of this global pandemic. Wash your hands.

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Episode 581 – Urza’s Salad

The dorks are finishing up their Mythic Conscription of the Urza block with the final set, Urza’s Destiny! As is usually the case with older sets, some colors have plenty of possible mythics, and some just…don’t. Old sets are kind of inconsistent like that.

Also, Chewie blows his own mind with a pair of clever ways to remember the order of the Urza block sets. Oh, and there’s a brief discussion of hippos. And the horrible weather we were having. And probably a few other things.

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Episode 575 – Urza’s Mythic Legacy

The dorks are back after taking the week off for Thanksgiving, and we are in rare form. The actual point of this episode is simple – do a Mythic Conscription for Urza’s Legacy. Nice and simple, right?

But since the dorks were in such rare form, we sort of strayed off topic. A lot. Pretty much everyone says something that, in a perfect world, would be cut from the final podcast. But as this is not a perfect world, you get to hear all our nonsense!

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