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Squee GTC Launch Sealed: Bombs Away

Some days you just can't get rid of a bomb

Squee fails at preparing for GP Charlotte by opening an absolutely absurd pool of cards that no one should ever see in a large event. You know you’ve got something when Mad Skills stays in the sideboard and Borborygmos isn’t even considered for a slot in the deck. Rather than the typical Squee voice, you’ll instead be treated to the smooth sounds of ambient videogame music in the background throughout each round as things get progressively more absurd. More or less every bomb in the format makes an appearance in the deck or on the other side of the virtual table, so this is your chance to get a top-level view of the format’s high points. Round 3 in particular has an absurd turn of events that you know left someone swearing profusely. Sounds like a Squee Sealed!


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Episode 269 – On the Ground at GP Charlotte

GP Charlotte

So here it is, the long-awaited Grand Prix Charlotte episode!  Chewie is there with the digital recorder, capturing everything just after it happens!  Mike, Brian, Bill (@SqueeGoblnNabob) and JT (@NerdPop140) are basically always nearby, and Jonathan Harvell, Kevin Baldwin (@TaureanMauler) & his lovely wife Angie, and Lyall Alfred (@NewSpectrum) make guest appearances whenever they’re nearby.  We talk about our records, the decks we’re playing, the people we’ve met, the Goldrush, funny stuff, stupid stuff, how hungry we are, how tired we are, and how AWESOME the whole thing is!

There are also a few special cameos, most notably Mike Flores (@fivewithflores), Adam Styborski (@the_Stybs), and…you know what? It’s really late and I can’t remember who was on this show and who was just on the MTGCast part.  So you’ll just have to listen to find out all this stuff.  HA!

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Episode 267 – Erryday I’m Cycling

Cycle of Primordials

Wow, we talked about a LOT of stuff this week.  We handled lots of it in quickfire, lightning-round fashion and you can find the links for those down there after these paragraphs.  Doing the live episode from the Prerelease and having Prillaman on one week means we missed a fair amount of news.  So even though it’s not really news anymore, we still decided to weigh in with our opinions.  Yay opinions!

What does YOUR favorite guild-flavored floss taste like?

The main topic, however, is something new.  Yes, after more than five years of podcasting about Magic, Brian has managed to come up with something we’ve never talked about before.  We’re all very proud of him.

I suppose I should tell you what that is.  There are a lot of cycles in Gatecrash.  Hey, there are a lot of cycles in every Magic set.  But outside of those cycles, there are a lot of really cool cards that stand alone.  Well this episode, we decided to take a look at those noncycled (uncyclic?) cards and imagine what they would look like as part of a cycle.  From Giant Vacuum to…well I’m sure we named some more, we made up some cycles that just seemed to work.  Or that sounded like fun.  Or that were completely ridiculous.  Whatever it was, we were all over it.  And it led to some fun and interesting discussions too, so we hope you guys enjoy it!

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Episode 265 – Gatecrash Prerelease Live


Yes you read that correctly!  The dorks venture forth into the long dark of Lucky’s Card Shop in Greensboro NC to bring you field reports straight from the Prerelease!  Actually it’s quite well-lit in there, but that wouldn’t have sounded anywhere near as cool.  But yes, Chewie brought his Tascam DR-08 recorder with him to catalogue everything we did while we were there.  Well, maybe not everything.  I mean, he didn’t take it to the bathroom or to McDonald’s with him.  Okay he did, but he didn’t use it at those two places.

Anyway, Prerelease.  With a Simic, an Orzhov, and two Boros players in our crew, somebody was probably going to do well.  And they did, but you’ll have to listen to find out who and how good.  Or just, you know, pay attention to the forums and Twitter and stuff.  Whatever.  We discussed how rounds went, talked to other players, got a few good stories, and had an all-around good time.  So give it a listen and let us know what you think, since this is the first time we’ve done this.

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Episode 264 – Stark Raving Mad

Graham Stark

We are joined this episode by a VERY special guest, Graham Stark from LoadingReadyRun!  Graham, who is a very funny fellow it turns out, hangs out with us for the first half of the episode.  We talk about what LRR is, Magic, having a real job, drafting, Magic, Gatecrash, Guilds, and more Magic.  Probably some other stuff too, it’s been a while since we actually recorded this one.

After Graham takes his leave of us so he can go be funny on camera and stuff (definitely a rough life), we turn our sights to the full Gatecrash set.  We take a look at some cycles that have been revealed or fully fleshed out, check out some reprints, hit the last of the mythics, and generally just go over anything that looks cool.  We hope you enjoy!

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