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Episode 215 – DKA Prerelease and Mailbag

Dark Ascension Expansion SymbolWell, it’s the week after the prerelease, so you know what that means, right?  We’ve got to tell you all about how we did!  Find out who did well, who didn’t do well, and how the webmaster Scott did in his first tournament ever!

But of course, prerelease episodes are more than just Sealed tourney reports.  We also took the second half of the show to run through some of the listener mail that needs to be read on-air.  Rules questions, prerelease stories, and general hilarity.  Interspersed throughout the episode are rants and discussions of various things.  These things include lame intro packs, a good game of EDH at Lucky’s, Chewie not playing Thalia, Columbia House and BMG, and this one highly obnoxious guy who seems to run through the whole account of the prerelease.  We hope you enjoy!
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Episode 214 – Crisis II: Dork Harder (DKA Preview 3)

Bryan and Christian from the Avant-Card ShowYes, we’re doing it again.  Joining us on this episode are Bryan and Christian from the currently on-hiatus Avant-Card Show, and as always they are entirely too much fun.  This one’s a little weird though (even for us) as life gets in the way a bit.  We started one host down and we lose two more hosts over the course of the show, but we still end the show with three of us!  Multiple guest hosts are cool.

Of course, we’re gonna talk about the rest of the Dark Ascension spoiler now that it’s all been revealed.  (Sorry I didn’t get this up before the Prerelease, but it’s not like we’re giving you any vital information, right?)  But before that, we have to talk about what we think should go into a From the Vault: Casual.  We kicked around a lot of ideas both good and bad.  What would you put in there?

Of course, there’s plenty of discussion of the flavor of certain cards, Bryan being old, the price of chase rares, how a Justin Bieber shirt almost destroyed Bryan’s life, Edward G. Robinson, website development, Magic as Satan’s Game, and lots of other nonsense.  And what episode would be complete without a little dig or two at Chris Lansdell?  HOpe you guys enjoy all this random conversating as much as we did!


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Episode 213 – Rant Over (DKA Preview 2)

HellriderWe are joined this week by Robert Martin, also known as The Beme.  You might recognize him from The Men of Magic interviews.  On this episode, we’re covering all the Dark Ascension previews that had been shown when we recorded.  And let me tell you, there are some doozies this week.  And not just Sorin, either.

Interspersed throughout the card discussions are a variety of tangents.  We’ll talk about expensive Magic merchandise, jerks on forums, jerks playing Commander, dragons on Innistrad, money gouging and crooks, the Magic Twitter community, and a certain professional player that I had to interact with later that night.  He’s not a bad guy it turns out, I just severely disagree with one of his opinions.  But still…screw him.

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Episode 212 – Dark Ascension Preview 1

Zombie ApocalypseWe’ve got the first of the Dark Ascension previews for you on this episode!  Of course, Sorin popped up after we recorded, so we’ll talk about him next episode.  We do have the Zombie Apocalypse though, which is pretty freakin’ sweet.  Because of when this was recorded, we’re really only talking about the first few days’ worth, so we were able to go a little more in-depth than usual.

But no matter how in-depth we get, two days of cards do not a full episode make!  But we didn’t have time to go full-on into another topic, so a listener suggestion came to the rescue!  The question was “what’s your favorite combo that you run in one of your decks?”  So we all dug through our decks and came up with the combos we love.  Except for Chewie, who brought every combo in his decks.  Don’t worry, he shoots more for synergy in his decks, so he only has a few.  It gives a little glance to the way the dorks build decks.

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Gravecrawler – A Closer Look

Greetings, Mana Pool listeners and fellow Magic enthusiasts!  I’m Brian, lead rambler of the Mana Pool, and I’m here to have a quick discussion about one of the new cards from the upcoming Dark Ascension expansion set.  Preview weeks tend to be one of the busiest times around here and in the Magic world in general, so check here at the Mana Pool website for additional content to get your fill.  Today’s article is hopefully going to whet your appetite for the possibilities that Dark Ascension brings to the (card) table, but the fun doesn’t end here.

Dark Ascension (here on out “DA”, just to make my life easier) is the follow-up to the Innistrad set, a personal favorite of mine from all angles – limited, constructed, casual, and especially flavor.  You’re going to see more werewolves, vampires, zombies, spirits, and hapless victims humans.  Continue reading »

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