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Squee AVR Launch Sealed: Angelic Density

Angel of Glory's RiseShe’s much nicer than Selenia…

How many angels does it take to make Squee a decent threat in a 16 man event? Squee breaks in Avacyn Restored by entering a 4 round swiss sealed event during the MTGO Launch Party. Like all Sealed Swiss events, this means Squee plays out a full four rounds with the deck he puts together using the contents of six packs of Avacyn Restored. Not to spoil too much, but some of the challenger decks include a flyer-heavy card draw deck and a deck that takes the Soulbond mechanic to terrifying extremes. Armed to the teeth with most of the good non-mythic angels and homo sapiens, Squee will channel his inner lightning helix and summon an aggressive Boros build in pursuit of the coveted (if somewhat absurdly drawn) Avacyn, Angel of Hope avatar, a bunch of packs, and some points for a tournament no one gives a damn about. Stay tuned!

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Episode 228 – The Helvault Experience (Play Boros)

The Helvault OpensPhoto courtesy of @EricMTGCast

Yeah, we just had 3 episodes of previews, so you know what that means – the Prerelease episode!  Bill Bloodworth (you know, @SqueeGoblnNabob) joins us for this one, since he was the cause of the funniest thing any of us have seen at a Prerelease for a VERY long time.  Brian talked about his experience, Bill told his story, and Mike and Chewie covered their two apiece.  Definitely a lot of fun.  So be sure to tune in to hear about the bitch scoop, slamming the door, How to Miracle (from Bill), How Not to Miracle (from Mike), Chewie Righteously Blowing things, and of course…GRISELBRAND!

Of course, before we get to the Sealed events, we have a few things to discuss.  In a quick message on DailyMTG by Helene Bergeot (and aren’t they all quick?), it was revealed that Guillaume Matignon’s suspension was cut in half.  If you’ll recall, he was one of the Guillaumes responsible for GuillaumeGate.  Guillaume Guillaume.  Okay, I think that’s out of my system now.  But he was one of the guys behind the New Phyrexia godbook leak.  Or so we thought…*dramatic pause*

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Episode 227 – All the AVR, All the Time

This episode, there’s not much going on other than the full reveal of Avacyn Restored.  So we go through each color, pointing stuff out.  Powerful cards, awesome (or gross) art, cards we can’t wait to play with, stuff that we think is utter crap.  You know the drill.  Everyone’s doing it this time of year.  But we do it with our own dorky style!  There’s actually not much else to talk about on this one, so I’ll leave you with a link to the full set so you can check it out yourself.

Avacyn Restored Card Image Gallery


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Episode 226 – Avacyn Restored and Poetry

AVR Walkers

We’re not even screwing around this episode, as we dive right into the Avacyn Restored previews.  Of course by now everyone has heard about the Soratami planeswalker that we speculated about at the end of the last episode.  A mere 2 hours later she was revealed in her entirety.  Then they threw a dapper devil dude at us!  Of course we covered both of those, along with everything else that had been previewed by the time we recorded!  Good stuff, man.

But when Brian unexpectedly had to leave just before we got to the inverted Zombie Apocalypse angel, something else happened.  After finishing up the previewed cards, we had a bit of a poetry reading.  It was a poem by our own KhaosKontrol over on the Mana Pool/Cardshark forums, and it was so awesome that we just had to read it on air.  Hope you all enjoy it as much as we did.

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Episode 225 – Avacyn Restored Previews 1

We’re joined this episode by Bill, the voice of Squee, who haven’t heard from in a good while.  We kick it off with a quick rules correction from last episode – Mike missed one small detail on the question about the single spell with Cascade, Storm, and Ripple.  Imagine that, something got missed in the most complicated spell ever.  No one is allowed to give Mike any crap about that one. All the others are fair game as usual though.

After that Chewie gives a quick rundown of all the podcast whoring he’s been doing lately.  By lately we mean in the last couple months, because some of these took a while to show up.  He’s been on Off-Color Cast, Kitchen Finks, Horde of Notions, and was one of the guys on the new Five Minutes of Magic cast that is, in fact, only five minutes long. He also had another video for CMDR Decks, his Spirit of the Night deck, which you can find right here:

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