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Episode 450 – We Have Returned! (MTG RPG)


It is time! Karim, Alaric, and The Angel are back to track down the mysteries of Trivester! Not because we want to, but because we can’t freakin’ leave the plane and we’d really rather be somewhere else. Plus apparently the dice have decided that we’re going to have a nice easy time of it, and that is bothering Brian, our Game Master. Apparently he wanted us to suffer a bit more.

In case you’re completely lost, Brian created this MTG RPG and we periodically play it on the show. If you’d like to hear the previous installments, here are some links to get you caught up!

Part 1 – http://themanapool.com/podcast/episode-423/
Part 2 – http://themanapool.com/podcast/episode-430/

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Episode 430 – Is My Character Literate? (MTG RPG)


It’s that time again! We’re heading back into Brian’s Magic RPG to figure out what’s happening with the plane of Trivester, which we’re all conveniently trapped on. Join Alaric, Karim, and The Angel as we explore the city we discovered at the end of Episode 423. Maybe I’ll finally be able to get a sword!

Be sure to let us know what you think! Remember, this is only our second time in Brian’s world, and he’s only done this once before (on the previous episode!) and we’re still getting a feel for what’s going on. So we’re basically all new at this. Be kind and give us some feedback!

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Episode 423 – Beginning Our Journey (MTG RPG)


It is time! We’re finally getting started on the Magic RPG that Brian cooked up! We created our characters back in Episode 407, so if you haven’t listened to that you might consider doing that first. Only the first hour is character creation if that helps.

We had a good time on our initial outing as Alaric, Karim, and The Angel, getting sucked out of the Blind Eternities and into a strange new world. Now if only I could find a sword…

Be sure to let us know what you think! Bear in mind this is our first time actually playing Brian’s game, so go easy on us. Actually it’s Brian’s first time as GM too. Actually, only Mike has done any tabletop RPGing more than once. So we’re basically all new at this. Be kind and give us some feedback!


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Episode 407 – Character Creation (MTG RPG)

character creation

The time has come! We’re bringing back one of our most popular ideas EVER. This is also one of our most requested things to return to, but we were just unable. But now thanks to LOADS of work on Brian’s part, it’s time to do it again. We’re bringing back the Magic RPG! Originally just a one-shot, Brian has crafted a whole new thing that will be a long-running, periodic addition to the show. In this episode, for instance, we’re just doing character creation. Do let us know what you think, because we’re planning on this popping up from time to time whenever Brian gets more things ready to go!

There’s also a few bits of news of course. Eternal Masters, new Shadows Over Innistrad cards and mechanics, an upcoming charity tournament, that sort of thing. You know how it is.

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