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Episode 396 – With the Sword and the Fire

For our big EIGHT YEAR anniversary show, we’re…not doing anything special. We’re finishing up our look at the Commander 2015 previews! We’ve got the rest of the new stuff to go over and then we’re gonna poke around the reprints to see what else we can find. There’s plenty of discussion of random other nonsense, seemingly and unintentionally focused on 80’s and 90’s movies. No idea where that came from, but enjoy!

Commander 2015 Tokens: http://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/arcana/tokens-commander-2015-edition-2015-11-05
Commander 2015 Card Image Gallery: http://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/card-image-gallery/commander2015Commander 2015 Decklists: http://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/feature/commander-2015-edition-decklists-2015-11-06
Oath of the Gatewatch Prerelease 2HG thing: http://wpn.wizards.com/en/event/prerelease-oath-gatewatch
Paranatural (the webcomic Brian talked about): http://www.paranatural.net
Tobey Maguire having a mild schizophrenic episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DocHKSaceM

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Chewie’s Johan CMDR Decks

Hey look, it’s another CMDR Decks video!  I haven’t done one of these in forever!  Maybe even two forevers!  But Uriah (@CMDRDecks) was good enough to let me do this one to plug the Kickstarter as well as show off one of my favorite EDH decks!  It was originally conceived WAY back in Episode 219 during a Story Circle with guest host Bennie Smith (@blairwitchgreen), and I LOVED it!  I loved it SO MUCH that I tracked down a copy of Johan and set to work putting the deck together.

As usually happens when building a deck, new ideas came to mind and new cards popped into my head, so the version you see here isn’t straight from the Story Circle. Given my inability to procure new cards for the last little while, there are cards from the last couple blocks that would fit beautifully, but I haven’t managed to snag any of them just yet.  Feel free to throw any suggestions you want at me!


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Story Circle for Episode 325

Marchesa, the Black Rose

Here’s the Story Circle we did on Episode 325!  We were going to do something completely different this episode (which you can still hear on episode 326 once it goes up!), but we spent entirely too much time on Conspiracy card discussions.  Since we didn’t have time to give our intended topic the treatment it deserves, we hurriedly decided to pick one of the new legends from Conspiracy and do a Story Circle!  This one looks like a lot of fun to play.  That could be because it bears a small resemblance to some other Commander decks we’ve played or created in the past.  Either way, hope everyone enjoys!

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Episode 303 – Commander Shenanigans 2: Command Harder

Commander 2013

You knew it was coming.  Deep down, you knew.  Once they announced the new Commander product, you even started asking for it.  As the decks were revealed, you even demanded it.

Well who are we to ignore the pleas of our beloved fans?  So here we go.  The four of us gathered at Brian’s house along with John, The Fifth One.  You might recognize him from some of our Prerelease Field Recordings, he’s been there for a couple of them.  But we each grabbed an unedited Commander 2013 deck and commenced beating the holy living crap out of each other.  In an epic three hour game (and that’s not counting the break for lunch in the middle) we traded haymakers, board wipes, and verbal barbs until only one dork stood victorious!

Which of the green decks did Dirk play?  Which of the dorks almost lost their temper and all interest in the game?  Who ended up winning the whole shebang?  Which of those was a trick question?  For answers to all of these and more, tune in to listen.  Don’t worry, after the editing the game wasn’t the full three hours.


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Episode 299 – Commander 2013 with CMDR Decks

CMDR Decks

We are joined this episode by Uriah Oxford, the progenitor of the CMDR Decks video series!  Why?  Because he’s awesome!  And because we have the entirety of the Commander 2013 decks to talk about!  But first, there’s a bit of other news to discuss.  Mike and Brian have to tell us about their latest foray into FNM, or Standard, or drafting, or whatever.  It was all of the above mixed together.  Then there’s a new Duel Decks and Magic Online Vintage Masters.

After that, we’re off into Commander previews!  We’re taking a hard look at each of the decks, checking out both the new awesome cards and the old awesome cards in each one.  And there are some seriously awesome cards here.  I mean holy crap.  But that’s pretty much it for the rest of the episode, so we hope you enjoy!


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