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Episode 456 – Ultimate Kombat Smashy-Smashy Face Punch: Konflict F4rce

musical hatchling

This episode is a truly strange one. Brian’s not here, he got sick and died since I saw him the previous night. We have a sponsor this week, Easy Roller Dice Co. We grabbed Cap from Lair of Lore to join us. We’ve got a truly epic listener-submitted Mad Lib. And our Flavor Fight has a dance number in it. Yup, it’s definitely a weird one.

For those that don’t know, the original incarnation of this segment was Mortal Instinct Fighter Calibur Vs. We use the Random Card function to find creatures, then pit them head to head in a single elimination tournament using only flavor to guide us! This time I limited the random creatures to the uncommon rarity just to keep the power level somewhat even. And it got bizarre this time. Do you believe in life after love? Do you like Hamilton? You’re gonna love this!

Just don’t click this, trust me. It’s The Slug from Marvel Comics.


This episode is sponsored by Easy Roller Dice Co. Use promo code MANA when you check out to get 10% off and show them that we sent you!

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Episode 397 – A Tale of Statues, Maggots, and Atlanta


This episode begins with Brian and Mike regaling us with the tale of their adventures in the blighted, frozen wasteland of Atlanta. They went to GP Atlanta, in case you didn’t know. Between the main event, side events, meeting some of you guys, and the prize wall they’ve got plenty to tell! Sealed, Draft, Commander, and even Legacy all come into play!

After that we’re doing a segment we haven’t seen in a good long while. It has gone by many names, but this time we’re simply calling it a Flavor Fight! The Random Card button in Gatherer gave us 8 rare non-legendary contestants, and we pitch them against each other in a single elimination tournament! We’re ignoring card stats and going right to the art and flavor of the card to determine the winner! These are always a lot of fun, so let us know what you think!


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Episode 348 – Virtua Street Combat Legend of Immortal Fist Tournament

Episode 348

It’s back! We haven’t done one of these flavor-fights in a long time, so here’s how it works:

– We use the Random Card button on Gatherer to find 8 creatures that go into a tournament bracket.
– We take their art, flavor text, and abilities into account and ignore their power and toughness.
– We argue with each other until we determine a winner!


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Episode 223 – Seismic Counter Bash Pro Head-to-Head Off-Road Haymaker Smackdown Gaiden 64 GotY Edition

Parallel Lives

For episode 223, the dorks gathered to discuss the Avacyn Restored trailer. After rambling on that for a while, we indulged the self-proclaimed Vorthos King and set some time aside to discuss the art and flavor of Venser vs Koth. We closed out the opener (does that even work?) with a Mad Lib about the new “Dark Romance” genre of teenage fiction.

Our main topic for the episode was the latest installment in our series “That’s How We’d Do It.” This time around, we tackled what we thought would be the best mechanics to bring back as the non-evergreen inclusion in Magic 2013. We touch on a number of recent and classic mechanics and try to decide how best to integrate the flavor and mechanics of the standard environment 2013 will be spending its otherwise lonely evenings with. We also talk about our candidates for who will replace the titans as the big mythic meanies of the new format.

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Episode 204 – Hyper Instinct Turbo Third Strike Game of the Year Edition Alpha

ArenaIt’s that time again, where we use Gatherer to find a group of unwitting creatures to beat the crap out of each other for our amusement.  I mean…to compete for fame and glory on the battlefield. And charity! Yeah, that’s it. Look, what’s the point of being able to summon up creatures from around the multiverse if you can’t have a little fun with it?

But yes, starting with one of the lamest creatures in Magic and going from there, we have pitched battles between random creatures.  By pitched battles, of course I mean nerd arguments about who would win (and yet Batman vs. Captain America doesn’t come up once…huh).  Eight enter, but only one will come away victorious!  Feel free to join in the nerd arguments on the forums or in the comments, of course.

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