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Episode 368 – Take a Look… (Reading WUBRG)

On this episode the dorks have two main topics. First up, Mike and Brian went to SCG Modern States this weekend! Brian took Jeskai Ascendancy (or Ascension, apparently) and Mike took his Loam Assault (with a dash of Smallpox) to do battle. How’d they do? Well that’s why you listen to the episode, of course. I mean, duh.

After that it’s time for the next entry in our semi-annual-ish series where we take a look at properties in other media to turn into Magic! We’ve done video games, television shows, and movies (that we can remember) so now it’s time for books! The dorks take a look at some modern fantasy books, classic sci-fi, a bunch of favorites, and some seriously obscure stuff. Join us for a discussion of books we’ve known and loved with some Magic thrown in for good measure!


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Episode 315 – The GP Richmond Episode

GP Richmond Playmat

Following a week off to prepare for the insanity that was Grand Prix Richmond, here is the GP Richmond episode!  It’s just Chewie and Mike from the standard-issue dorks, so to help us out we brought on two special Richmond dorks!  First up is our (very) old pal, Level 3 Judge, podcaster, and horrible person Bryan Prillaman!  You might remember him from the Avant-Card Show back in the day or his current podcasting deal, JudgeCast.  Our second guest dork is Corvin Powell, a LONG-TIME listener we met in Richmond.  He was pretty awesome and he was playing a deck running Mike’s favorite unplayed Modern-legal card.

We spent the entire episode talking all about the insane event.  We had Mike and Corvin talking about their Death Cloud decks.  Prillaman explained how the logistics of such a crazy event work.  Chewie and Mike told us all about the friends and listeners we met while we were there.  We even took a few minutes to talk about the whole image gallery that has become known as CrackGate, so keep an ear out for that.


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Corvin Powell’s Death Cloud Rock Deck

This is the deck that longtime listener Corvin Powell was playing at Grand Prix Richmond.  He put Death Cloud in more of a Rock-type build, which is more interactive and disruptive than Mike’s Death Tron deck. Since his deck is also a Death Cloud deck but a completely different take than Mike’s, we brought him on the show to talk about it!  He was on Episode 315 – The GP Richmond Episode (for obvious reasons) to talk about his deck, the GP itself, and everything else, so go give it a listen!


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Mike’s Modern Death Tron Deck

Here’s the Green-Black Tron deck Mike took to GP Richmond.  In his own words, he went this way because he really wanted to play Death Cloud in Modern, so he took a stock Green-Red Tron list and adapted it to suit his needs.  If you’d like to hear more about it, be sure to listen to Episode 315 – The GP Richmond Episode!  We also brought on listener Corvin Powell to talk about his Death Cloud deck, click the link to see it!


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Episode 210 – Seedborn Musings

Seedborn MuseOn this episode we’re missing Brian, who had a last-minute before-Christmas dinner thing.  So We’re joined by Brandon Isleib, better known as the Seedborn Muse over on the Muse Vessel!  Of course, you’ll be able to find him over on Gathering Magic on Tuesdays from now on, so maybe you should check that out too.  But since we had a guest host, we decided to make a potpourri episode of random smaller topics that have come up recently.

First off there’s a quick discussion of the two cards Banned from Modern.  Then we took a quick look at Avacyn Restored.  We let Brandon cut loose on a topic we recently we recently talked about, keeping casual Magic casual.  Then there was a discussion of creatures with Defender in multiplayer Magic.  We finished up with a nice long discussion about the various mechanics in Future Sight and which of them were our favorites.  That one was a good one.

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