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Episode 188 – Horde of Serious Notions of Fun

After a bit of email and some news (including our long-lost interview with Amanda, which can now be found on Red Site Wins), we are joined by two very special guest hosts. No longer do we need wonder if these two are actually one and the same person, because I heard them both talking at the same time! Our two special guests are none other than the returning Adam Styborski and first time guest but long-time dork Chris Lansdell. If you want to find more about our guests, consult the links below.

With introductions out of the way, we proceeded to talk about the various M12 events we attended, which included a vicious bad beats story from Stybs. After spending some time on M12 as a whole, we decided to do a Story Circle with our hosts. Apparently Chris does this a lot, since he ripped off the idea for his own show. But that means a better deck for all involved, right? We started with Pyromancy, and it just went out of control from there. With all the cards we rattled off, there’s a wonderful starting place for all you deckbuilders out there. Probably three or four starting places, actually. From here the discussion went far afield, covering such random topics as planking, scrapple, old Hot Pockets commercials, and Billy Madison. I really wish I was making this up. Hope you guys enjoy!

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Episode #187 – Guest, Interrupted (and M12)

Amphin CutthroatWe are joined this episode by one Robert Martin, also known as The Beme. You might know him as the interviewer from The Men of Magic, or maybe from the Hardcast, or maybe even the suddenly-defunct Mana Screwed podcast (go listen to their episodes, dash it all!). He also pops up on Monday Night Magic sometimes! But today, he’s here with us!

At least, he starts out here with us. Due to circumstances beyond his control, he had to leave us before we actually got to the meat of the episode. He did stick around long enough to give us his take on the new Chandra and Garruk though, and those are the important ones. Before he left, we were reading listener mail and determining the best way to tell our listeners to RTFC. Ah, like that.

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Episode 185 – Cubes, Power Outages, and M12

Drain PowerThis is a weird one.  Eric of Many Names joins us one final time before his family gets back into town, so we’re trying to make the most of it.  We mine his brain for some information about Cube Draft on behalf of one of our listeners.  More specifically, he talks about creating your own Cube.  For reference, you can find Eric’s own Cube list here.

And of course, we have a full load of M12 previews to go over, starting with the new Jace!  We recorded this well before they revealed any other new planeswalkers, so be patient and you’ll hear us rant about them eventually.

There was also a momentous decision by the US Supreme Court that we discussed for a short while.  Don’t worry, it’s definitely something Magic dorks are interested in.  Well, a good number of you anyway.

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Episode 183 – Drowning in Previews

Magic 2012 and Commander logosNo really.  They dropped a TON of stuff on us since our last recording.  Apparently I was even allergic to some of it.  Well, that or nerds, not sure which.  But yeah, we’re trying desperately to keep up, so much so that we enlisted the aid of the ever-awesome Eric of Many Names once again!  He’s going to help us out with the new M12 cards, the new Commander cards, and the other cards in the Commander decks.  Mike also guides us through a relatively painless Rules Update.  And of course, we knocked out a few of the many emails we’ve gotten since the last episode.  And now, a lot of links to all this stuff:

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Episode 180 – Headline: M12 Goes Bloodthirsty, Dies

Furyborn HellkiteEven though we ran through over 30 emails in the last episode, we still have more! So we took another chunk out of the remaining emails. I really enjoy doing lots of listener mail, because it lets us talk about all kinds of things we wouldn’t ordinarily talk about. For instance, an email gave me a perfect segue into discussing a new repacked product thing I got at Target!

But of course, we had to talk about lots of other things this episode! Which we were able to do, because Brian couldn’t be with us. Apparently he couldn’t stop coughing for more than a few seconds at a time, so he opted out. Of all people though, Dirk really picked up the slack Brian left us. He’s on fire! (be sure to read that in the NBA Jam announcer voice)
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