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Episode 585 – Just Chatting

This episode is going be a bit different. With all the coronavirus stuff going on across the world and tensions running high everywhere, the dorks couldn’t just ignore it all and talk about Magic. While escapism is great, sometimes you’ve got to face the facts. So the first part of this episode is all about how COVID-19 is affecting us and why we need to embrace social distancing. This is genuinely important. Please stay home unless you HAVE to leave.

But after that, we decided to do something different. We’re doing an entire episode of final thoughts! We’re touching on the big Year of the Phoenix update from Hearthstone that introduces an ENTIRE NEW CLASS (!) and sends a lot of heavily-played cards to the Hall of Fame. Then there’s the Castlevania anime, Designing Women, random bits of racism in public, working from home, DoorDashing during these troubling times, ManaStrike, and how movie theaters actually work. Then we’re doing a new Mad Lib, sent to us by Infinious, and it turned out REALLY well. 

Oh by the way, Mike’s getting married.

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