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Episode 443 – Commander 2016 Live!


We spent the last two episodes telling you all about these decks, it’s high time that we actually play them!

The dorks gathered at Brian’s house just before the American Thanksgiving holiday to fool around, eat chili, and play some Magic! And since Mike picked up all the new Commander decks we just had to record a game with them, you know? Otherwise we’d have broken the streak, and we just can’t have that.


Commander 2016 Card Image Gallery – http://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/card-image-gallery/commander-2016
Commander 2016 Decklists – http://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/news/commander-2016-edition-decklists-2016-10-28

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Episode 436 – Kaladesh Prerelease Field Recordings


The dorks have ventured out into the world to record this episode! We attended the Kaladesh Prerelease at House of Cards in Winston-Salem NC and brought the trusty digital recorder with us! You’ll get our reactions to the mechanics and cards immediately after we have them, and you’ll get to hear all about how we did at the event! Spoiler alert: it was awesome!

Apologies as usual for the way Brian holds the recorder and thus the way it sounds. He’s bad at this game.

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Behind the Scenes at a Gathering of Dorks

bts small thumb

The last time the dorks gathered to play some Magic I brought along my camera! Why? I dunno, I just thought it would be cool to record some random nonsense that went on throughout the day. And so that’s what I did! And it was fun!

You’ll get snippets of us with non-Magic games, a bit of Magic, why we hate Mike, how adorable Sam is, Brian shucking (but not jiving), Dirk being Dirk, a fair amount of me driving, and some Arena of the Planeswalkers too!

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Episode 427 – Commander Planechase Awesomeness Live!

goldmeadow dorks

A few weeks ago the dorks all gathered at Brian’s house to play some Magic! And since we weren’t able to record this week for various reasons, you get to hear it now. Yay!

On this episode we began with a game of Commander Planechase. It went for just about an hour and was a fun and (relatively) fast game! After that, we decided to just say screw it and do another one. But this time Brian had the idea that we should each pick a deck built by someone else! So Brian & Chewie swapped decks, Mike & Dirk traded, and we went at it with an unfamiliar deck. This game was slightly more epic in length (about 2 hours) but I don’t remember it dragging or anything like that.

So strap in and enjoy a bunch of dorks playing Magic, picking on each other, giggling incessantly, and just having a good time. This is our first live episode with the new microphone, and I really think it turned out well. Let us know what you think!

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Three Questions: GP Charlotte 2016 part 3

ThreeQuestionsCharlotte2016 thumb

It’s that time again! I went to a Grand Prix, so now you get more Three Questions! This is the third of four shows from GP Charlotte 2016.

When I find myself at a big Magic tournament, I take my trusty digital recorder and ask lots of people three questions that are a bit silly, because I’m not going to ask serious hard-hitting stuff to players between rounds, to judges during their shift, and to everyone else while they’re doing…whatever it is they’re doing. Besides, my off-the-wall questions put them on the spot and reveal a little bit more about who they are as a person and as a Magic player.

This episode is all about the pros and the content creators! I kick things off by talking to Reid Duke, Shahar Shenhar, and Jon Finkel all at once! I also hit up Andrew Cuneo, Mike Sigrist, Jeff Hoogland, Ali Aintrazi, Brian Braun-Duin, and Todd Anderson! As for my fellow content people, I got to bother CJ Shrader of JudgeCast, Meghan Wolff of Magic: the Amateuring, Cedric Phillips of Star City Games, and Reuben Bresler of Magic Mics. I also interviewed Aaron, known to all (because I just said so) as Father of The Beast, whom I will love forever.

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