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Episode 316 – Live from Our Secret Undersea Base

Our Secret Undersea Base

Remember Commander Shenanigans 2? It was episode 303. Later that day, we recorded another episode. This is it. For some reason, when we record one live episode it records through the USB mic, which is why CS2 sounded good. When we record a second one, it defaults to the built-in laptop mic. That happened here, and we didn’t catch it. This episode is a few days late because I decided to try to make it sound better, because it really sounded like crap. Sorry about that, but hopefully you’ll think it was worth the wait.

Since there were five of us (the usual four dorks and Brian’s buddy Jon Raymer), we decided to play a game of Assassin, since it is easily one of Chewie’s favorite game types ever.  This episode is actually a really good way to learn that everyone plays the game differently, as evidenced by some of our reactions to the way Jon started the game (really Chewie was just irritiable at having his Titan killed).

After the Assassin game, Dirk had to leave.  The rest of us took advantage of having time left at the end of the first game to play a “lightning round”.  We all grabbed EDH decks that would lead to relatively quick games and played.  It turns out it wasn’t quite a “lightning” fast game, but it was still quicker than our usual games.  Hope you guys enjoy!

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Episode 311 – BotG Prerelease Field Recordings

Phenax, God of Deception

It’s the Born of the Gods Prerelease, so you know what that means!  We took the recorder with us and recorded a bunch of stuff that happened!  Listen as Chewie, Mike, and Brian let you know what happened after (almost) each round!

We’re joined by lots of guests, including our old friend Gabe!  He’s the one that taught Mike how to play a thousand years ago!  There are also appearances from listeners and opponents like Sam, Craig, Chris, Pete, and Nate!  If anyone got missed, we apologize wholeheartedly.

Also, this one has something special included.  For a long time now people have been asking for recordings of an actual Prerelease game.  To show you all what a bad idea this is, Chewie recorded his 5th round against Jacob.  It’s completely unedited, so you guys get the full effect.  Let us know how much that’s not a good idea to do in the future!


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Episode 304 – From the Arcane Lavatory (Live)

Arcane Lavatory

Since we didn’t want to skip another week, we looked around and dug up an old episode we had in the can.  Originally recorded back in August (probably), this live episode is…a little weird.  For some reason, Audacity decided to ignore the usual desktop mic and listen to the crappy built-in mic on the laptop.  So because of that…it sorta sounds like we recorded it in a bathroom.  Sorry about that.  I’m pretty sure it’s still perfectly serviceable, it’s just not the usual glorious sound quality that you’re used to.

As far as what’s actually going on in this one, it’s a live episode.  That means we’re all sitting around playing some Magic!  We begin with a Commander Planechase game, and those are usually a blast.  Since it’s been SO long since we recorded this, I couldn’t tell you one way or the other.  After a quick musical break, we play a really quick and really filthy 60-card Archenemy game.  I mean it, it was awful.  Even Mike, who was the villain, felt bad about it afterwards.  So to make up for it we did another one.  This time Chewie was the bad guy, and it went a lot longer than the first one.  Not in a bad way, it was just a lot more fair.


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Episode 303 – Commander Shenanigans 2: Command Harder

Commander 2013

You knew it was coming.  Deep down, you knew.  Once they announced the new Commander product, you even started asking for it.  As the decks were revealed, you even demanded it.

Well who are we to ignore the pleas of our beloved fans?  So here we go.  The four of us gathered at Brian’s house along with John, The Fifth One.  You might recognize him from some of our Prerelease Field Recordings, he’s been there for a couple of them.  But we each grabbed an unedited Commander 2013 deck and commenced beating the holy living crap out of each other.  In an epic three hour game (and that’s not counting the break for lunch in the middle) we traded haymakers, board wipes, and verbal barbs until only one dork stood victorious!

Which of the green decks did Dirk play?  Which of the dorks almost lost their temper and all interest in the game?  Who ended up winning the whole shebang?  Which of those was a trick question?  For answers to all of these and more, tune in to listen.  Don’t worry, after the editing the game wasn’t the full three hours.


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Episode 290 – Horde Magic of Two Varieties (Live)


Hey look, another live episode!  The dorks gathered at Dirk’s house to hang out, play some Magic, and try to remember what each of us actually look like.  Oddly enough we look just like our cartoons on the website, only slightly less cartoony.  Hey, I said slightly!

We played a rousing game of Commander right off the bat, with some happenings that happened that were seriously awesome.  Okay, so I either don’t want to spoil anything or I don’t actually remember anything that happened.  I’ll leave that up to your imagination.   Either way is fine.  It was a pretty good game though.

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