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The Mana Pool Needs Creatures!

We really appreciate the feedback we’ve been getting from everyone on the Deck List Poll, which is still waiting for more votes, by the way.  If you haven’t given us answers there yet, please do so.  But in the meantime, we have another request for all of you.  We want creatures!

Our request is quite simple.  In the comments below, give us a creature.  Not only that, but tell us why you’ve chosen it.  We don’t care what sort of criteria you use.  Most favorite creature, biggest and scariest, worst monster ever, dude you’ve always wanted to play but never had a reason.  Whatever you want!  Just be sure you tell us why you picked this creature in particular.  This is a different sort of experiment than we usually do, so thanks for helping us out.

And finally, a few rules.  Nothing silver-bordered (sorry, no Un-sets allowed!), and no repeats.  If a creature has already been mentioned, please come up with something else.  That’s it!  Let us know what you’ve got in the comments below.  And keep coming back every day, we’re going to have lots more experimental questions over the next week!

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The Mana Pool, Live on UStream!

Join me, Mike, Dirk, Brian and AJ as the Mana Pool breaks into UStream for an interactive live video show, starting today at 10am!

You can jump over to the UStream channel or watch and participate below!

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