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Extraplanar Augury – Innistrad Horoscopes

Augury of InnistradGreetings, my children.  Welcome to another Extraplanar Augury reading.  Our elite team of enlightened planeswalkers have spent a very long time checking their results, which explains the huge gap in time since our last reading.  These results were surprising to say the least.  While peering through the Blind Eternities, they noticed a plane that has recently become important to the planar harmony.  That plane, rife with problems of the spirit as well as the flesh, is known locally as Innistrad, and it is having a profound effect on the multiverse and all who dwell in it.

Because of all the time spent rechecking the data, we have some amazingly specific information for each of you.  Take heed!  You may think “Surely this is too specific to apply to me” as the very subject of our augury passes you by.  Keep your minds, as well as your eyes, open in the coming days…


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Episode 199 – Prerelease and Rules, Lots of Rules

Innistrad Expansion SymbolWe are joined this week by Amanda Stevens, one of the originators of RedSiteWins.com and hosts of Red Cast Wins.  You guys remember her, right?  She interviewed us a long while back.  And it’s a good thing, because Brian was unable to join us this week.  Anyway, we’ve got to talk about the Innistrad Prerelease, because we recorded this right after that happened.  Mike, Brian, and Chewie (that’s me) all went to the tourney, so find out how we did and what we pulled.  Amanda did some spellslinging at her prerelease, so there’s another nifty story.  Of course, then we’ve gotta talk about how we like the set as a whole and all that.

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Episode 198 – Innistrad Previews with Panahinuva

Innistrad Expansion SymbolYes, you read that correctly.  We are joined on this episode by Panahinuva, otherwise known as Ben.  He’s one of those omnipresent listener-types, and we love him for it.  Apparently, since here he is on the show again.

But we begin with some news.  Well, it was news when we recorded, I’m sure no one really cares much anymore.  But that’s okay, we still have to give you our take on it.  They made a slight change to drafting procedures vis a vis the double-faced cards.  The Banned & Restricted list has been updated, with Modern and Extended taking some pretty major changes in direction.  And there were a few key changes to the Commander Banned list too.  So we covered all of that of course.

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Episode 197 – Innistrad Previews with Stybs

Innistrad Expansion SymbolChewie here.  I got home from a long trip to find that my computer wasn’t working…20 minutes before recording was supposed to start.  After trying to coax it back to life, I gave up and had to drive to Mike’s place, forgetting to bring the microphone with me.  I also had to get food or I was going to die.  That’s how this episode started.  That also explains why I didn’t know what episode we were on at the beginning, give me a break.

But enough discussion!  This episode is all Innistrad previews, all the time!  We touch on every new card that had been shown since our last recording, this time with another special guest!  Adam Styborski joins us once again to interject random hilarity throughout the episode.  You can find him in a variety of places, wearing a variety of hats, in places like:

Weekly columnist for DailyMTG: http://www.wizards.com/Magic/Magazine/Archive.aspx?author=Adam%20Styborski
The Pauper Cube: http://thepaupercube.wordpress.com/
Writer for Gathering Magic: http://www.gatheringmagic.com/author/adamstyborski/
Casual Editor for Quiet Speculation: http://www.quietspeculation.com
Twitter: @the_stybs



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Episode 196 – Innistrad Previews with Some Limey

Innistrad Expansion SymbolWelcome to another episode of The Mana Pool!  This time around we’re joined again by Chris Lansdell, that limey podcast whore that you know from many other podcasts, most notably Horde of Notions and The Great Debate.  If you haven’t listened to those, what’s wrong with you?

We kick off the festivities with a discussion about the newly-revealed (at the time) Planeswalker Points system.  This is the new rating system that’s going to replace the old DCI rating.  Thank goodness.  You can read all about it here:

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