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Episode 495 – Ten Years Make a Difference

The dorks put TWO sets under the Mythic Conscription microscope, focusing on Homelands, originally part of Ice Age block, and Coldsnap, the eventual finish to the Ice Age block! With over a decade between the two releases card and set design changed a lot, so let’s take a look at each one and see what the differences are!
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VIDEO: Homelands Winchester Draft

Homelands!Some time ago, Mike made a series of spectacularly bad eBay decisions and ended up with a few unopened boxes of some very old Magic sets.  We’re talking Chronicles, Mirage, Fallen Empires, and Homelands.  Yeah, I said Homelands.  Poor Mike.

So of course we’re going to do something with them!  Mike and I decided to stream a Winchester Draft, and we started with the Homelands box.  We were convinced that it would be better than the Winchesters that were done with the Ice Age packs he had found somewhere or other.  Ice Age was miserably short on creatures, and the drafts were pretty bad.  Homelands has a reputation for being terrible, but we were convinced that it would be a decent Limited environment, if for no other reason than the high number of creatures.

Oh yeah, before you click you should know that we are not at our usual PG rating in this video.  It was late on a Friday night and we were just having fun, so the filters came off.  Also, these have not been edited in any way.  You’ve been warned.

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